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Telephone Operator
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Thinking About Her
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About The Leftovers

The Leftovers ultra-catchy power pop gems in their new release, “Eager To Please”, successfully combines the classic 60's sounds of The Beatles and the Beach Boys with the 70's Power Pop of Elvis Costello, The Romantics and the Rubinoos, while keeping the upbeat energy of the Ramones and The Queers. That's right folks, "Eager to Please" has a little something for every fan of Power Pop and Post Punk music.

The Leftovers new album "Eager to Please" was produced by Linus of Hollywood and features Kim Shattuck of The Muffs, Brett Anderson of The Donnas, Parry Gripp from Nerf Herder, Coz Canler from the Romantics and Jon Rubin of the Rubinoos!

Hailing from Portland, Maine, The Leftovers formed in 2002, have played over 350 shows to date including touring the UK and has garnered a true cult following within the underground pop-punk scene, getting attention from all-stars Ben Weasel (of Screeching Weasel fame) and Larry Livermore (founder of Lookout Records).

The Leftovers are a freakin breath of fresh air! They are fun, fascinating and ROCKIN! And most of all, chicks dig em!

– Jaret Reddick from Bowling For Soup


Track Listing
1. Can’t Stop

2. Telephone Operator

3. Girlfriend

4. Get To Know You (featuring Kim Shattuck)

5. Thinking About Her

6. You Know What You Do

7. I Want You Back

8. Untouchable (Featuring Coz Canler)

9. Lost and Found

10. Get Out Of My Head

11. The Only One (Featuring Parry Gripp)

12. Make You Mine

13. Dance With Me

14. Party Til We Die (Featuring Brett Anderson)


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Track Listing

  • Telephone Operator
  • Dance With Me
  • Work It Out


Can’t Stop

Can't Stop - Eager to Please

Well Susie looks so pretty
And Natalie is on my mind
There’s just some things about those girls
That make me feel so fine

But in the end you’re the special one
Lets get together and have a little fun you know that

I can’t stop, no I can’t stop
Lovin’ you girl it’s what I gotta do

Make no mistake about it
You are my favorite girl
It’s just the way you walk and the way you talk
That’s got my heart in a whirl

Can’t stop from loving you
Can’t stop from missing you
Can’t stop from kissing you cause it’s true
Can’t stop from wondering
Can’t stop from dreaming
Can’t stop from seeing you cause it’s true

Telephone Operator

Telephone Operator - Eager to Please

Telephone operator get me to my girl
Telephone operator get me to my girl

I tried the yellow pages and the classifieds
But I can’t seem to get through
I’m sick of listening to the dial tone
I just wanna be listening to you

Seven numbers that I dialed a thousand times
I can’t through I don’t know why
The lady tells me that your mailbox is full
Is she saying that there’s some other guy

All my friends are mad cause they can’t get through to me
But I don’t have a good excuse
They got me thinking I should just hang up
Cause maybe you are calling me too


Girlfriend - Eager to Please

She’s on the phone and telling me that
My friends are dumb and asking if I’ll
Go take her out- dinner and a movie

She’s making me dress all nice and
Keeps giving me bad advice on
How she thinks I should try to make a living

But it’s even more than that
Her kisses aren’t that good
And I wish that she would leave
But I don’t think she would

And I don’t want my girlfriend
Oh to be my girlfriend anymore
I really wanna tell her
But I think that she would just ignore
Cause it’s so hard to keep my eyes off girls
When they walk on by
So I don’t want my girlfriend
I’d rather be a single guy

She complains about most everything and
Doesn’t like to dance or sing so
Why’s she with me? I don’t understand it

And here’s why:
Stay out do whatever I want to
Talk and kiss with every girl I meet
She couldn’t do a thing about it
Not this time cause she’s not with me

Get To Know You

(featuring Kim Shattuck from The Muffs)

Get to Know You (feat. Kim Shattuck) - Eager to Please

I need the sunshine and the sand
I need a girl to hold my hand
If what I say is true then I really want to get to know you

I need the moon and the stars above
I need a girl to share all my love
If what I say is true then I really want to get to know you

I know I’m not the coolest guy
So if you have some reasons why
You don’t think that you should be my girl
Well I’m not waiting around for you

I need the music and the fun
Now that the party has just begun
If what I say is true then I really want to get to know you

Thinking About Her

Thinking About Her - Eager to Please

Every time she goes away she’s always on my mind
These old feelings that she brings they keep me up all night
I wont go lie and say she’s not a pretty girl
But it’s so hard thinking about her

The way she moves around the floor she’s dancing all night long
Why’d she have to tell me words that left me feeling wrong
I wont go lie and say she’s not a pretty girl
But it’s so hard thinking about her

All the things she does
Makes me love her more
I just can’t bear to be around her
All the things she says
Give me chills inside
She’s stuck completely in my head

I don’t want to think about the love we could have had
The times we shared I never thought that they would end so bad
I won’t go lie and say she’s not a pretty girl
But it’s so hard thinking about her

You Know What You Do

You Know What You Do - Eager to Please

When I met that girl you know I think I lost my mind
She was hangin after class I didn’t want to waste no time
Cool, calm, and collected I went up to talk to her
Before I even knew it I had got her name and number

I don’t know how things go this way
But I’m hoping that she’ll be mine someday

Cause you know what you do to me baby
I’m breaking all the rules and going crazy
You know what you do to me baby
I’m falling for you, so I’m hoping that you’ll stay around

Every time I wake you know she’s always on my mind
I can’t help but wonder what she’s thinking at the same time
All these thoughts and feeling yeah they really make me shake
There’s a reason for this love and I’m hoping that its fate

We could walk hand in hand
I hoping that you’ll understand
You know I’m only thinking of you
You got me running around in my head
Thinking of the things I said
You say you don’t know, but I say its true

I Want You Back

I Want You Back - Eager to Please

A Year ago today you were my girl
The only thing I wanted in this world
But now you’ve gone away
And I can’t stand to bear the pain

Too many weeks have gone without a word
I can’t believe I acted so absurd
But this is how I am
I gotta see you again

And when I try
To call you
You wont pick up the phone
If this is real
Then I know
That I’ll always be alone

And I want you back back baby
Back in my arms
So don’t lose track baby
Cause I want you back back baby
Back in my arms

I heard your name called out the other day
I used to believe every word you’d say
But now that time is gone
I hope you feel like you were wrong

Every seconds like the one before
I keep on waiting but you just ignore
The things I say to you
The games we play I always lose

I thought I’d lose you from my mind
But now you’re back again this time


(Featuring Coz Canler)

Untouchable (feat. Coz Canler) - Eager to Please

She’s a popular girl
She’s walking down the hall
Everybody stops and stairs
Cause she’s a work of art

She drives around town
In a Corvette Car
You better watch what you say
She’ll drive right through your heart

You might think you’ve got her all figured out
Don’t try to take her hand its not allowed because she’s

She’s so untouchable
She’s so, I don’t think I’ll ever get a hold
She’s so untouchable

She’s always got a boyfriend
Who takes up all her time
If you wanna get closer
You better get in line

She’s listening to her records
She really digs that rock n roll
You’re gonna see her at the party
You’re gonna lose control

You think you know her
You can’t get enough
I hate to break the news
She doesn’t care about your love

Lost and Found

Lost and Found - Eager to Please

Pretty eyes of electric blue
I got excited when I first met you
How was I to know that things would go this way
We were together for oh so long
But now you left me on my own
That summer night when you found another man

And now I bet she’s having fun
Chewing on her bubble gum
And I thought she was the one
But now I’m saying

Used to love me, now you don’t
I could try, but I just wont
I’m stuck in the lost and found
I miss you and you hate me
You never come to check and see
I’m stuck in the lost and found
Now you’ve found someone new
And now I’m lost and feeling used so

Baby I’m lost and found

Disregard the love we had
Cause now I’m feeling oh so sad
With no one that I can call my own

I used to sit around I never could complain
But it was love that you were faking
And now I can’t afford to play your little game
But that was the chance that I was taking

Get Out Of My Head

Get Out of My Head - Eager to Please

This time I really think I lost my brain
Cause all my thoughts are still of you
You really did me wrong and led me on to think
That someday our love would be true

My friends all warned me from the very start
That you would hurt me in the end
I should’ve known better cause now we’re done
And I don’t wanna be just a friend

It’s been two weeks
Since I’ve seen your face
So why are you still in my mind?

You gotta get get get out of my head tonight.

I thought we had so much we that could talk about
But quickly it dissolved in the air
I’m fine with never ever seeing you again
So why does your image last

And I think it’s so unfair
To pretend your love is there

The Only One

(Featuring Parry Gripp)

The Only One (feat. Parry Gripp) - Eager to Please

She said come over next Saturday night
I’m in on what to do
I gotta tell her the way I feel
Cause my feelings are so true

Every damn night and day
She’s always on my mind
She’s so hot she’s the only one
And she’s gonna be mine

There is no other girl
Yeah I got to be with you
You are the only one
So I hope you need me too

We put some records on the stereo
We’re dancing all night long
Then she turned the lights down low
That’s when we had some fun

Make You Mine

Make You Mine - Eager to Please

Hey little girl if you knew
About all the things I’d say to you
Would you stay or change your mind
Cause I gotta gotta make you mine

And all the things that I would say
Would prove I can’t go on this way
I need your love all the time
So I gotta gotta make you mine

And I don’t know just what to do
If I don’t make you all mine tonight

Hey little girl can’t you see
That I’m begging on my bended knees
For you to stay, don’t change your mind
Cause I gotta gotta make you mine

I think that I’m falling in love again
I said I never would, but now I see you and I think I should
Give it at least one more chance

Dance With Me

Dance With Me - Eager to Please

I’m not the most romantic of guys
No I’m not the one that you want
But now the night’s here and the mood is right
Yeah the music has just begun

You said you like me just as a friend
You never thought the other way
Well I said there’s nothing wrong with that
But you never know what can change

So won’t you dance with me, dance with me
And take my hand and take a walk with me, walk with me
I think you’re gonna be the one baby, one baby
I gotta make you understand

You went to go dance with your man
I thought I’d never see you again
The club was crowded and dark but just to my luck
You looked at me I asked for your hand

Now I can’t explain it, it’s my timing and you know that it’s true
But then I turned your way, I finally got to say “here it goes…”

Party Til We Die

(Featuring Brett Anderson from The Donnas)

Party Til We Die (feat. Brett Anderson) - Eager to Please

Taking all the drugs that we can find
Music so loud it’ll blow your mind
The girl next to me she’s a bitchin babe
Hammerin down with one foot in the grave

So we can party
Party til we die
We’re gonna party til we die

Somebody’s car’s parked out on the lawn
It’s a damn good thing that your old man’s gone
The house is trashed everybody’s wasted
I’m sure glad this aint my place



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