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The Forbidden Language Series

Have you always wanted to learn a foreign language but thought that there wasn't a practical reason to invest the time? Well, Oglio and Extra Curricular Learning have the answer for you - The Forbidden Language Series!

You can choose from Spanish, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Yiddish, Russian and even Ebonics. You'll learn practical translations such as these from Forbidden Spanish:

Eat me! - ¡Come me!
Eat shit and die! - ¡Come mierda y muerete!
Fuck you! - ¡Chingado!
Fuck your mother! - ¡Chinga tú madre!
Go fuck yourself! - ¡Vete a chingarte!
Shut the fuck up! - ¡Callate el pinche hocico!
Will you go to bed with me? - ¿Puedes ir a la cama conmigo?
Are you using birth control? - ¿Usas algo para controlar ponerte encinta?
Your body makes me hot. - Tu cuerpo me pone caliente.

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The Forbidden Language Series

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