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Anna Waronker – Anna

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Mainstream rock lost a lot in the late '90s and early 2000s, and amongst the many casualties were the female-fronted rock bands of the mid-'90s. Maybe Alanis Morissette made theJennifer TryninsVeruca Salts, and, specifically, that dog.s of the world commercially invalid. But Anna, the debut solo record from former that dog. frontwoman Anna Waronker, is proof that this phenomenon wasn't due to a lack of talent. Fresh off of notable production work on Imperial Teen's OnWaronker has returned with set of three-minute pop songs shrouded in a (tidy) layer of feedback. And like on the three that dog. records, Waronker's songwriting sticks, whether it's on new wavey power pop like "All for You" and "I Wish You Well" or on any of the album's few more melancholy ballads. That means Anna is nothing revolutionary, of course, and that dog. fans have certainly heard this before. But that same audience will most likely want to hear it again, as will anyone who believes female rockers don't need to choose between being a folky riot grrrl (Ani DiFrancoDar Williams) or a mainstream maven (Meredith BrooksSheryl Crow).


  1. Love Story
  2. I Wish You Well
  3. Beautiful
  4. Nothing Persona;
  5. John & Maria
  6. All For Yoy
  7. Long Time Coming
  8. Fortunes of Misfortune
  9. How Do You Sleep
  10. Perfect Ten
  11. A Hollow DAze
  12. Eat Me Alive
  13. The Powers That Be
  14. Goodbye

American Dog – Red White Black and Blue

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American Dog - Red White Black and Blue

Okay, here it is (finally), The new American Dog CD, sorry about the wait but after our guitarist Steve got run over by a car in January, we had a couple of months down, I guess two shattered knees, a cracked pelvic bone, a broken ankle, a broken leg, one cracked rib, and a concussion is enouh to knock anybody's dick in the dirt, but as soon as he healed up a little we went into the studio to record the bastard? It's the "real" thing of course there's no click tracks or drum machines hell we didn't even wear headphones most of the time! We're pretty damn proud of this slab o' rock even with one guy in the wheelchair it still kicks like a mule! - Michael Hannon


  1. Shitkicker
  2. Train
  3. Can't Throw Stones
  4. Dog Will Hunt
  5. Glad It's Over
  6. Blame It On The Booze
  7. Motors Down
  8. Swallow My Pride
  9. Can't Stop The Rain
  10. I Keep drinking (You're Still Ugly)
  11. Here Me Howlin'
  12. Bullshit (Goddammit)
  13. Bonus Tracks
  14. D-N-F
  15. Wang Dang Sweet Poontang*
  16. Rock-N-Roll


Metro – America In My Head

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This new CD from Metro, “America In My Head,” was originally titled "The Future Imperfect" and was released only in Germany until now as an exclusive to CoolCDs.com. The CD features 2 singles including Gemini and America In My Head which became a bit of an underground hit.

Metro debuted in 1976 with their self-titled album which was distributed in the U.S. by Sire Records in 1977. They briefly changed their name to Public Zone and released a single with the Police’s Stewart Copeland on drums. Copeland was asked to become a permanent member of the band, but he decided to remain with the Police. Peter Godwin provides his signature vocals. After Metro recorded “New Love” in 1979 and “Future Imperfect” a year later, they broke up. Peter Godwin went on to reach new heights of success with his hits "Images of Heaven" and "Baby's In The Mountains" (available on "Images of Heaven - The Best of Peter Godwin").

Check out Peter's latest project Nuevo "Sunset Rise" at nuevomusic.com!


1. Going Up In Flames
2. Alone
3. The Promise
4. Exterminating Angels
5. The Face
6. America In My Head
7. Gemini
8. Middle of the Night
9. Making You Up

America In My Head (7 Inch Version)
America In My Head (12 Inch Version)
America In My Head (Dance Mix)
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The Muffs – Really Really Happy



Buy Now!/>Fronted by Kim Shattuck on vocals and guitar and backed by bassist Ronnie Barnett and Roy McDonald on drums, the Muffs blend simple and melodic riffs and tight rhythms with aggressive and spontaneous rock. With this mixture they have created 17 hook-happy power-pop tunes that could easily be their best effort so far. If you're a Muffs fan (and who isn't) "Really Really Happy" is a must have CD.


  1. Freak Out
  2. A Little Luxury
  3. Really Really Happy
  4. Something Inside
  5. Everybody Loves You
  6. Don't Pick On Me
  7. And I Go Pow
  8. My Lucky Day
  9. Fancy Girl
  10. How I Pass The Time
  11. Slow
  12. I'm Here I'm Not
  13. The Whole World
  14. My Awful Dream
  15. By My Side
  16. Oh Poor You
  17. The Story Of Me

Excerpt from AllMusic.com review by Mark Deming

It's certainly good to know that Kim Shattuck and her partners in pop-punk, the Muffs, are still at it 11 years after dropping their first long-player (particularly since the sainted and not dissimilar Fastbacks have called it a career), and 2004's Really Really Happy shows that she's held on to the virtues that made her (and her band) lots of fun in the first place. Shattuck still has a great ear for guitar hooks, can play 'em with an admirable sense of chunky economy, and writes lyrics that blend an overgrown teenager's sense of snooty goofiness (or goofy snottiness) without shortchanging the relationship stuff that's usually the province of us grown-ups...

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