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Kim Fox – Return To Planet Earth

After her highly acclaimed debut release Moon Hut on DreamWorks records, Kim Fox returns with her latest album Return To Planet Earth. Produced by artist/songwriter/producer Linus of Hollywood (Puff Daddy, OPM, Size 14), Return To Planet Earth retains the orchestral pop whimsy of Moon Hut while exhibiting a more mature emotional and nostalgic introspection. Songs such as "Baby, I Want You Back", "I’ve Got Music" and "Love X 10" exhibit a self-mocking loneliness produced with driving dance beats and electronic lushness. Songs such as "Feel Like Crying", "Tread This World So Lightly" and "Lazy" harken back to the classic melodies of Burt Bacharach and Hank Williams.


  • Ladybug
  • I've Got Music
  • Little Piece Of Heaven
  • When Love Was The Only Thing
  • Something Just As Good
  • Feel Like Crying
  • Baby. I Want You Back
  • Love X 10
  • Return To Planet Earth
  • My One Kiss Wonder
  • I See Too Well
  • Lazy
  • Tread This World So Lightly

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