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  • November 10, 2013
  • By oglioent
  • Comments Off on Ron Flynt’s New Single Receives Praise From Dwight Twilley
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Ron Flynt’s New Single Receives Praise From Dwight Twilley

Flynt-Tell Me Whats Wrong M

Check out this great quote from the legendary Dwight Twilley about the new Oglio single from Ron Flynt:

In the unstable universe of American Pop Rock n' Roll Sound there are still some constants. Such is the case with Austin based musical icon Ron Flynt. There's nothing wrong with his ability to craft a smart tight 2 minute 38 second diamond. Flynt proves this with the focused authority of his new Oglio single release "Tell Me What's Wrong." Just try to play it once. B/W "Hold On To Your Heart" the clever, hard driving Beatles in Motown anthem. The song begs the question, who chose the A side? Add this release to your Solar System ASAP! (Dwight Twilley)

Now on iTunes!

Teen Heroes – Audio Satellite


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Power popsters from Southern California/Orange County, TEEN HEROES blends sugary melodies with edgy rock. The foursome’s debut 12-track LP Audio Satellite on Glue Factory Records introduces the band’s sound which mixes “a dollop of bubble gum melodies and crunching rock-candy guitars...a secret recipe of tooth-rotting melodic rock and roll,” notes Southern Cal’s Mean Street Magazine.

The TEEN HEROES are Jesse Wilder (vocals, guitar), Pete Berberich (guitar), Alexis Haretakis (bass) and Jeremiah Farchick (drums). They’ve toured with Reel Big Fish, and performed alongside Kara’s Flowers, Nerf Herder, and Bis, among others.

Vintage 90s So-Cal Pop!

Audio Satellite

Who Are You?
I Can't
1001 & 1
Change for the Better
Missing Piece
Radio Listener
Try Me
Without A Dream
Neapolitan Girl
Noe You Know
Sweet Dreams: The Further
Adventures Of Captain Goodnight

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Kurt Baker – Special Edition 4GB USB 8-Track and Cassette

Kurt Baker 8-Track 4GB USB

  • This is a USB Flash Memory Stick shaped like a classic 8-Track or audio cassette.
  • Plus it is loaded with awesome Kurt Baker songs!
  • Contains the entire new EP "Rockin' For A Living"
  • and the entire classic covers album "Got It Covered".
  • Files are in MP3 and WAV format with bonus PDF booklets and surprises on the drive.
  • Compatible with most MAC and PC systems.
  • Some computer systems may need an extension cable (not included) due to the size of the USB memory stick and the location of your USB ports.

Kurt Baker 4GB USB Cassette OpenRockin’ For A Living - Track Listing:
1. Just Forget About It
2. Don't Steal My Heart Away
3. Can't Have Her Back
4. Kiss Me
5. Why You Gotta Lie?
6. The Problem

Got It Covered - Track Listing
1. Let Me Out
2. Hanging On The Telephone
3. Pump It Up
4. I’ve Done Everything For You
5. Is She Really Going Out With Him
6. Cruel To Be Kind
7. Turning Japanese



Kurt Baker 4GB USB Cassette BackKurt Baker is a singer, songwriter and rock n' roll performer from Portland, Maine who has always gone by the famous saying "Have a Good Time All the Time". He is a founding member of the notable pop/punk outfit the Leftovers, who formed in 2002 and released many acclaimed records and toured all over North America and Europe. Kurt Baker's signature unique blend of ultra catchy Beach Boys/Beatles styled melodies under a relentless wall of high energy guitars and pounding rhythms have earned him the praise of Larry Livermore (founder of Lookout Records), Ben Weasel (Screeching Weasel) and Jaret Reddick (Bowling For Soup).

Kurt emerged as a solo artist with a "labor of love" solo EP, "Got It Covered", (2010 Oglio Records). Produced by Los Angeles based pop genius, Linus of Hollywood, "Got It Covered" featured Baker's take on some of his favorite Power Pop songs of the 70's and 80's and featured guest appearances from Kay Hanley (Letters To Cleo) and Adam Marcello (Katy Perry). Kurt's love of these classic songs all had one thing in common- "a key sense of melody.. and melody has always been the most important aspect of music to me. If you have a catchy hook in your song, you can do no wrong. I've always strived to write music that is catchy and fun.. that will be stuck in your head for hours after listening".

After a successful solo-tour of Europe in the fall of 2010, backed by Italy's best Power Pop band, The Radio Days, Baker focused on taking his solo act back to the USA. A brief stint of shows throughout the Midwest brought together a group of musicians featuring Mike Bryne (the Methadones), Wyatt Funderburk (Second Saturday), Geoff Useless (the Guts) & Craig Sala (Planeside), to make up the Kurt Baker Band.

The Plimsouls – One Night In America

Years after their breakup, the Plimsouls and Oglio Records are proud to announce the release of “One Night In America.” This live CD, originally recorded in 1981 but completely re-mastered for this release, captures the bands unique mix of progressive punk and power pop in a tight, sometimes messy, energetic performance. Featuring classic tunes such as “A Million Miles Away” and How Long Will it Take,” the band has included a few covers with the their version of the Kinks’ “Come On Now” and The Outsiders’ “Time Won’t Let Me,” here in all of their raw, live glory.

Though their fame was short-lived, the Plimsouls definitely carved out a niche in the early 80’s. The band’s Peter Case’s shrewd songwriting and straight-ahead guitar rock appealed to a throng of new wavers looking for music with a little more balls and has influenced numerous bands since. This is rock & roll in its purest form that will sure to excite fans everywhere.


  • Hush Hush
  • Now
  • How Long Will It Take?
  • I Want What You Got
  • A Million Miles Away
  • Time Won't Let Me
  • In This Town
  • One More Heartache
  • Help Yourself
  • I'll Get Lucky
  • Dizzie Miss Lizzie
  • Come On Now

Bonus Track:



The Kingbees – Kingbees 1 & 2 (2LPs on 1CD)

Rock of the eighties favorites, The KINGBEES! This pure power-pop group's debut album spent twelve weeks in Billboard's top 200, spawning two charting singles, "My Mistake," and "Shake Bop." The year was an exciting one for the KINGBEES as they appeared on Dick Clark's American Bandstand in addition to recording all the musical tracks for the much talked about fifties period flick, The Idolmaker.

Oglio Records Makes Available the two original releases by Jamie James and his KINGBEES all on one disc! Twenty-two tracks of pure power-pop delivered by eighties buzz band, KINGBEES

This album is temporarily out of stock - check out AMAZON for new and used copies. Or check iTunes for your own digital copy!

Album 1

  • Sweet Sweet Girl To Me
  • My Mistake
  • Man Made For Love
  • No Respect
  • Fast Girls
  • Shake-Bop
  • Once Is Not Enough
  • Ting-a-ling
  • Follow Your Heart
  • Everybody's gone


Album 2

  • The Big Rock
  • She Ain't My Baby
  • She Cant "Make-Up" Her Mind
  • How Can I Love You
  • Let Myself Go
  • Stick It Out!
  • Right Behind You Baby
  • Wishing
  • Boppin' the Blues
  • Burnin' the Town Tonight
  • The Ugly Truth
  • Rockin' My Life Away

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