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Kurt Baker – Hanging On The Telephone

Side A: "Hanging on The Telephone

Side B: "Pump It Up"

Hanging On The Telephone

Many people know this song as recorded by the beautiful Debbie Harry and Blondie, but in fact the original was written by Jack Lee, who played in the legendary LA punk/pop group The Nerves. Along with Lee, the other members included Paul Collins and Peter Case. Both members would go on to front bands like The (Paul Collins) Beat and The Plimsouls, both staples in late 70's Power Pop.

My version stays pretty true to the original, but it also reminds me of a great Swedish rock n' roll band called the Hellacopters. I saw them once in Boston and it totally blew my mind.. actually, they were probably the greatest band I've ever seen live. Speaking of Boston, Kay Hanley from the legendary Boston group Letters to Cleo (and in the new Oglio group, Palmdale ...editors note), sang back ups on this! She is awesome!

The intro sound clip is taken from Linus's voice mail on his phone. He's got a fancy phone... my phone doesn't even have a voicemail option, it's that old!

"Hanging On The Telephone"

The Making of "Hanging On The Telephone"



“Kurt Baker is an amalgamation of all my favorite things. He’s got a biting vocal swagger (reminiscent of Elvis Costello and Joe Jackson), a comprehensive knowledge of classic pop music, a lovable Joey Ramone-esque personality and the songwriting chops of a man twice his age. I’m continuously excited by his creativity, positivity and prolificness.”

- Linus of Hollywood

"Kurt Baker is interesting. He is lovable like a puppy dog, goofy in that Jeff Spicoli kinda way, and well endowed in his knowledge of music that happened years before his birth. This man devotes as much time to the crafting of nachos, as he does to sleeping. Add this to the fact that his voice and stage presence are as unmistakeable as a punch to the nuts, and you have Kurt Baker. The Man. The Character. The whole Shit-n-shabootle!"

- Jaret Reddick (Bowling For Soup)

You may also dig Kurt's group!


Track Listing

  1. Let Me Out
  2. Hanging On The Telephone
  3. Pump It Up
  4. I’ve Done Everything For You
  5. Is She Really Going Out With Him
  6. Cruel To Be Kind
  7. Turning Japanese

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