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Beatallica “Abbey Load” In Stores April 16th 2013

Beatallica Abbey Load Cover Mini RGB 500



You've got to tip your hat to the lads in Beatallica. Few would have thought to merge together two of the most successful acts of their respective genres - pop tunesmiths the Beatles and thrash metal bashers Metallica - and create a must-hear, creative blend of both iconic artists. And the band that contains such wittily named band members as Jaymz Lennfield, Kliff McBurtney, Ringo Larz, and Grg III are back with their third full-length overall, 'Abbey Load,' on April 16th via Oglio Records (a label that is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year).

"Overall the album is our darkest," explains Lennfield. "Not sure why it turned out that way, to be honest. We didn't realize it til we got to listening to the first mixes. It sounds brooding in places. Not like we tuned down any more or played any stoner rock or anything. But the overall vibe is deeper than other projects we've done. Maybe it's cuz the Beatles Abbey Road was the last release for them - like the end of an era. And we were placing our fingers on that. After a while, I got to embrace that whole vibe. Beatallica is always fun and interesting, and yes there are 'candy' songs on the album such as 'Help!' and 'I Saw Her Standing There'... but there is something more foreboding about Abbey Load than what we initially thought."

Once more, Beatallica have successfully found links between both aforementioned bands, most notably on the album's tour de force, "Abbey Load Medley." "The medley...well, it's obviously one of the great famous pieces of rock music," says Lennfield. "We really enjoyed working in NEWER Metallica tunes. Folks always ask us how much old stuff from Metallica we can use. Helloooo...they have a LARGE catalog, so use it!. Those tunes work great, plus the fact that we are doing what we always do: deal with tempo, time signature, rhythm patterns, keys from major to minor, adding our own riffs, etc., but now we have to make all the songs in the medley sound like they fit. Not just one song at a time, but now five songs, bang-bang-bang.. The challenge was irresistible."

As for Beatallica's plans for 2013, Lennfield predicts some good, old-fashioned global roadwork. "Well, we'd like to finally hit Japan. It's just way overdue. We have US folks asking for us to come back so we'll see how to best route. As far as Europe, they are starting to consider the fall sometime."

"Beatallica is so much more than a novelty cover band," adds Oglio Records founder Carl Caprioglio. "Beatallica's members and producer are among the most creative and talented people I have encountered in my years with Oglio Records. Their ability to blend influences from these two legendary bands is as amazing and impressive today as it was when we met in 2006."

Imagine what the Beatles' 'Abbey Road' would have sounded like if it had been originally released by Metallica, and you have a good starting point for 'Abbey Load.'

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Beatallica – Masterful Mystery Tour


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Track Listing

1) The Battery Of Jamyz And Yoko (4:32)

2) Masterful Mystery Tour (3:27)

3) Fuel On The Hill (3:54)

4) And I'm Evil (2:43)

5) Everybody's Got A Ticket To Ride

Except Me And My Lightning (4:46)

6) Running For Your Life (3:33)

7) The Thing That Should Not Let it Be (5:04)

8) Hero Of The Day Tripper (3:22)

9) Got To Get You Trapped Under Ice (2:36)

10) I'll Just Bleed Your Face (3:12)

11) I Want To Choke Your Band (2:06)

12) Tomorrow Never Comes (3:55)


Those other inglorious bastards, Beatallica, the only rock band in the world legally approved to bash up The Beatles and Metallica into new original masterpieces, return with the brand spanking new studio album, Masterful Mystery Tour, on Oglio Records, a Fontana/Universal distributed label. Masterful Mystery Tour is the official follow up to Sgt. Hetfield’s Motorbreath Pub Band, the album that owes its initial legal existence to the coolness that is Lars Ulrich with the official blessing from the Metallica camp. Recorded on the heels of their All You Need Is Blood EP and the Drinkus Maximus World Tour, Beatallica along with their producer and engineer Flemball Rasmartin, have hit their stride for maximum awesomeness, taking their sound to a whole new blistering level. Beatallica’s technically brilliant musicianship and uncanny ability to craft two polar opposites into new unique must hear songs, continues to separate them from the pack.

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Beatallica – All You Need Is Blood


Track Listing


  • All You Need Is Blood (American English)
  • Ce So Precisa Sangue (Portuguese)
  • Koigil Vaja On Verd (Estonian)
  • Tu N'as Besoin Que De Sang (French)
  • Alle Sie Bedarf Ist Blut (German)
  • Vad Az Eletem (Hungarian)
  • Kol Shetzarikh Ze Dam (Hebrew)
  • Quel Che Ti Serve e'Sangue (Italian)
  • Todo Lo Que Necesitas Es Sangre (Mexican Spanish)
  • Het Enige Dat Ye Nodig He bt Is Bloed (Dutch)
  • Potrzebujesz Krwi (Polish)
  • Vsya Newzno Krov (Russian)
  • Piga Pilyohe (South Korean)
  • All You Need Is Blood (American Radio Edit)

The ALL YOU NEED IS BLOOD release is the result of a worldwide Beatalli-Banger Blood Bath initiative where fans transcribed the Beatallica single "All You Need Is Blood" into their native language and submitted back to the band to record. All you need is blood, blood is all you need!

Excerpt from AllMusicGuide.com Album Review by Jason Lymangrover
The world's favorite impersonators of Metallica impersonating the Beatles are back with their second release All You Need Is Blood. This time they've taken "All You Need Is Love" and replaced the lyrics with metal-themed flair to convert lines like "nothing you can see that can't be shown" to "nothin' you can smash that can't be smashed" in a dead-on James Hetfield imitation...

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