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Linus Of Hollywood – Let Yourself Be Happy


"Let Yourself Be Happy" is the much anticipated follow-up to Linus of Hollywood's debut CD "Your Favorite Record" which attracted international attention and critical acclaim. Full of magical melodies, dense harmonies, and intricated arrangements, this new CD contains 11 tracks of 60's influenced pop including 2 somewhat unusual (for this genre) cover songs: Ozzy Osbourne's "Goodbye To Romance" and the influential punk band Smoking Popes "Need You Around" both done in Linus' unique colorful style.


  1. Building A Ship
  2. Goodbye To Romance
  3. To Be A Girl
  4. A Whole New Country
  5. Why Don't We...
  6. The Girl I'll Never Have
  7. Where Are You?
  8. Thank You For Making Me Feel...Better
  9. Need You Around
  10. Every Day I Fall In Love Again
  11. I've Lost My Mind

Excerpt from AllMusic.com review by Stanton Swihart

He is without a doubt an artist of nearly unrivaled (Brian Wilson might have something to say about that) and unabashed romantic yearning, which is nowhere more evident than on an almost unrecognizable cover of Ozzy Osborne's "Goodbye to Romance." This time around Linus traded in some of the overt '60s sunshine pop predilections for '70s soft rock ones. The crisp sheen of the era's AM radio pop hovers over the album like L.A. smog. "I've Lost My Mind" breaks into a full-bloom Fleetwood Mac chorus that would probably fool even the members of the band into believing that they had recorded the song back in their hazy Laurel Canyon days...

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