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Dan Castellaneta – I Am Not Homer

You know him as the voice of Homer Simpson (and Krusty, Grampa, Groundskeeper Willie etc) from The Simpsons. This album features Dan and his real life wife Deb Lacusta doing fun and unique comedy bits and the track "So Dumb (Homer's Lament).

AM Therapy
Badger Baseball
Rocks Off
Dynamite Sales
Citizen Kane
So Dumb (Homer's Lament)

Dan Castellaneta "Two Lips:The Lost Album"


Dan Castellaneta is best known to the world as the star of the hit Fox TV show "THE SIMPSONS." On "TWO LIPS" Dan collects 14 wonderfully unique songs. This CD is a truly enjoyable listen for Beatles fans, Simpsons fans and all music fans.

AllMusicGuide.com album review by Stewart Mason

His name appears nowhere on the album cover, but Two Lips: The Lost Album is by Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Dan Castellaneta -- who, yes, has a day job as the voice of about one-third of the cast of The Simpsons, but that's not relevant here. Two Lips: The Lost Album is an affectionate pastiche of '60s sunshine pop, like a version of the Rutles that takes the post-Pet Sounds flood of semi-psychedelic bubblegum (both U.S. and U.K. versions) as its source material. The most surprising thing about these 14 songs is that they're all really good: seriously, but for the lack of surface crackle, tunes like "Rainbow Colored Cloud" and "Ostrich Avenue" could slip onto any of that perpetual flood of CDs of obscure lost '60s singles that collectors salivate over. Sometimes it veers a little too close to parody -- "Take a Little Time" is a spot-on re-creation of one of Paul McCartney's music hall ditties, but Castellaneta's choice to sing it in something very close to McCartney's "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" voice makes it feel just a touch mean-spirited -- yet he clearly knows this kind of music backwards and forwards, and the overall tone is genuinely loving. It certainly helps that he got the right people to help out: luminaries of the L.A. pop underground like Jon Brion, Buddy Judge, Probyn Gregory, and Ric Menck are on the guest list. Two Lips: The Lost Album is more for the We Can Fly crowd than the average Simpsons fan, but fans of the style will likely adore this album.


Dog Who's Chasing After A Ball
Rainbow Colored Cloud
Take A Little Time
Blue Moon Pie
Harlequin, The
Disillusion Street
No One Around
Through It All There Is Love
Ostrich Avenue
Feet On The Ground
Under The Peppertree
Searching For Ramone

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