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Beatallica – Masterful Mystery Tour


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Track Listing

1) The Battery Of Jamyz And Yoko (4:32)

2) Masterful Mystery Tour (3:27)

3) Fuel On The Hill (3:54)

4) And I'm Evil (2:43)

5) Everybody's Got A Ticket To Ride

Except Me And My Lightning (4:46)

6) Running For Your Life (3:33)

7) The Thing That Should Not Let it Be (5:04)

8) Hero Of The Day Tripper (3:22)

9) Got To Get You Trapped Under Ice (2:36)

10) I'll Just Bleed Your Face (3:12)

11) I Want To Choke Your Band (2:06)

12) Tomorrow Never Comes (3:55)


Those other inglorious bastards, Beatallica, the only rock band in the world legally approved to bash up The Beatles and Metallica into new original masterpieces, return with the brand spanking new studio album, Masterful Mystery Tour, on Oglio Records, a Fontana/Universal distributed label. Masterful Mystery Tour is the official follow up to Sgt. Hetfield’s Motorbreath Pub Band, the album that owes its initial legal existence to the coolness that is Lars Ulrich with the official blessing from the Metallica camp. Recorded on the heels of their All You Need Is Blood EP and the Drinkus Maximus World Tour, Beatallica along with their producer and engineer Flemball Rasmartin, have hit their stride for maximum awesomeness, taking their sound to a whole new blistering level. Beatallica’s technically brilliant musicianship and uncanny ability to craft two polar opposites into new unique must hear songs, continues to separate them from the pack.

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