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Bill Frenzer and Ogden Edsl – I’m Happy Now & More!

"I'm Happy Now"

Track Listing

  1. I’m Happy Now (w/Keith Johnson)
  2. Things Could Be Worse, I Could Be You (w/Keith Johnson)
  3. I Wanna Ride on Shania’s Twain (w/Keith Johnson)
  4. She’s Got A Tongue Like A Kodiak Bear (w/Keith Johnson)
  5. Lesbians On TV
  6. Mad Cow Disease
  7. I’m Your Meatman
  8. Monster In A Monster Movie (w/Bill Carey)
  9. Give It Up Gooney Bird (w/Bill Carey)
  10. The I.V.Song (w/Keith Johnson)
  11. I’m Your Meatman (Live)
  12. Dead Puppies Aren't Much Fun




(Los Angeles) - Omaha's own infamous Ogden Edsl returns to full time action with the upcoming new release "I'm Happy Now" on their long standing label, Oglio Records, distributed by Fontana/Universal. Bill Frenzer re-teams with long time band mate Bill Carey to follow up on their cult favorites "Songs In The Key Of AAAAAAAARG!" and "Mower of Ogden Edsl".

Ogden Edsl eventually became the shortened moniker for the full name, Ogden Edsl Wahalia Blues Ensemble Mondo Bizzario Band, which also featured other Omaha Nebraska radio personalities Otis Twelve (Doug Wesselmann) and Diver Dan (Jim Celer) in the band’s various incarnations throughout the years.

Ogden Edsl's comedy classic "Dead Puppies" can also be heard in the Paramount/Vantage release of "The Goods" starring Jeremy Piven and under the auspices of Will Ferrell's production company. Long time Dr. Demento and Red Peters favorites "Dead Puppies" (co-written by fellow Omaha native Rich Thieman), "Kinko The Clown", "Daddy's Money" and "Only White People Dance Like That" are available now as iPhone ring tones from iTunes and soon to be finally available at all phone carriers.

Check out Bill Frenzer's website at www.billfrenzer.com

Ogden Edsl Featuring Bill Frenzer

"Mower Of Ogden Edsl"

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American national syndicated radio personality Dr. Demento said "Here at long last is the first-ever Ogden Edsl CD with the original Dead Puppies plus the group's other huge Demented hits Kinko The Clown and Daddy's Money, and some new ones that might be Ogden Edsl's best yet, along with long available delights from two decades of inspired musical madness." This is a great comedy record. You have to hear it to believe it!


  1. Daddy's Money
  2. Laughin' Blues
  3. Only White People Dance Like That
  4. Beautiful But Boring
  5. Soap Opera Love
  6. Pinecones
  7. Rap Yodeler
  8. Accidental Love
  9. They Don't Want You At The Wedding
  10. Kinko The Clown
  11. Kinko's Party
  12. You're Looking More Like Edith Piaf Every Day
  13. The Fish People Of Berodenon
  14. Dancing At The Rainbow Ball
  15. Idi Amin Meets Eydie Gorme
  16. My Face Is Covered With Hummingbirds
  17. Ugly
  18. Dead Puppies
  19. The World Is Gone
  20. Buy Now!

Ogden Edsl Featuring Bill Frenzer

"Songs In The Key Of AAAAAAARG!!!"


Monster In A Monster Movie
I Wanna Ride On Shania's Train
She's Got A Tongue Like A Kodiak Bear
Things Could Be Worse, I Could Be You
Lesbians On TV
Mad Cow Disease

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