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Pull My Finger – Jingle Smells

Jingle Smells says it all. This third installment from the Pull My Finger crowd is in a class by itself (you'll understand). Just picture family and friends gathered 'round the Christmas tree "singing" along with this CD (whew, someone open a window). The CD includes all of your holiday favorites, "enhanced" with trouser trumpets and wind instruments and will have you rolling on the floor and gasping for air.



    • The 12 Farts of Xmas
    • We Wish You A Smelly Xmas
    • Oh Gassy Tree
    • Soil The Halls
    • Stinky Dreidel
    • Silent Butt Deadly Night
    • We Wish You A Smelly Xmas (a cappella)
    • Smells To The World
    • Jingle Smells (a cappella)
    • Sugarplum Farties
    • Soil The Halls (a cappella)

Auld Gas Sine

Farts Under The Mistletoe (Exclusive track)

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