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Jackie “The Joke Man” Martling – F Jackie

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F. jackie was named long before it was released. After years of even nuns saying that to me, Carl Oglio said, "Why not call the next CD 'F. jackie?' Then every time somebody says it, it'll be promotion."

Sheer genius. In fact, genius enough that I took credit for it until Carl gently reminded me that it was his idea. I still have never seen the proof. Is he right? Yes. But it's so brilliant, I still require proof.

This was recorded in 2000. Once again, the real star of the show is the electric crowd at "The Comedy Palace."

The highlight for me is when a guy yells, "Nice shirt." I had been wearing a silly shirt to bait the crowd for what follows. I had stolen the ridiculous shirt after I wore it in my first film, "Pot Luck." I've worn that shirt for almost every show I've done since.

The CD is my best, by far. I have the rhythm & editing down to a science. For years I've told everybody, "I love all of my CD's, but you can dance to 'F. jackie.' "

- Jackie Martling



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