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Metro – America In My Head

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This new CD from Metro, “America In My Head,” was originally titled "The Future Imperfect" and was released only in Germany until now as an exclusive to CoolCDs.com. The CD features 2 singles including Gemini and America In My Head which became a bit of an underground hit.

Metro debuted in 1976 with their self-titled album which was distributed in the U.S. by Sire Records in 1977. They briefly changed their name to Public Zone and released a single with the Police’s Stewart Copeland on drums. Copeland was asked to become a permanent member of the band, but he decided to remain with the Police. Peter Godwin provides his signature vocals. After Metro recorded “New Love” in 1979 and “Future Imperfect” a year later, they broke up. Peter Godwin went on to reach new heights of success with his hits "Images of Heaven" and "Baby's In The Mountains" (available on "Images of Heaven - The Best of Peter Godwin").

Check out Peter's latest project Nuevo "Sunset Rise" at nuevomusic.com!


1. Going Up In Flames
2. Alone
3. The Promise
4. Exterminating Angels
5. The Face
6. America In My Head
7. Gemini
8. Middle of the Night
9. Making You Up

America In My Head (7 Inch Version)
America In My Head (12 Inch Version)
America In My Head (Dance Mix)
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