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Braid – Lucky To Be Alive

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Braid is an emo/post-hardcore band formed in Illinois in the early 90s. Dubbed the “forefathers of emo” the band is best remembered for their energetic live shows and raw emotional power. Influenced by bands like Fugazi and Jawbreaker, Braid songs feature great hooks and intense rhythms.

After 4 years and over 500 shows, Braid called it quits - but not before Glue Factory Records recorded their final shows. Recorded live at the world famous Metro in Chicago, Il on August 21, 1999, this record highlights the best of Braid.


  • Autobiography
  • The Nathan Detroits
  • Killing A Camera
  • Please Drive Faster
  • Forever Got Shorter
  • What A Wonderful Puddle
  • Never Will Come For Us
  • You're Lucky To Be Alive
  • Grace Car
  • A Dozen Roses
  • Breathe In
  • Milwaukee Sky Rocket
  • Divers
  • Frist Day Back
  • I'm Afraid Of Everything
  • The Chandelier Swing
  • Capricorn

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