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Ray Manzarek and Michael McClure – The Piano Poems Promo Page


Artist: Ray Manzarek & Michael McClure
Title: The Piano Poems
Compact Disc DigiPak
Catalog: OGL89166-2
UPC: 79005-89166-2-9
Genre: Spoken Word
Box Lot: 30
Price Code: C12
Order Due Date:
Street Date: 8/14/12
File Under: The Doors






Michael McClure is a Beat Generation poet, playwright and songwriter. Ray Manzarek is a founding member of The Doors, songwriter and music producer. Together they take their loyal fans on a musical mind expanding journey with their creations. Their collaboration was documented in the Oglio Home Video release “The Third Mind” and brought to life in this all new album of thought provoking poetry.

The Doors were influenced by the 1960s beatniks and that spirit continues with this collaboration. When asked “What’s the difference between Jim Morrison’s rock lyrics and a poem?” Ray responded that “There really is no difference between Jim’s poetry writings and his music lyrics.”

Jim Morrison introduced Michael McClure to Ray during the recording sessions for “Waiting For The Sun.” That fateful meeting is still bearing fruit today with “The Piano Poems: Live From San Francisco.”


  • Building on The Doors album sales of over 100 Million Units.
  • Online marketing campaign to The Doors 11 Million Facebook fans.
  • Awareness campaign contest to Ray’s 6,000 Facebook fans.
  • Push to NPR Stations.
  • In-stores planned for major US cities including LA, SF and NY.
  • Ray has live performances planned worldwide with Robby Kriegerand also selected performances with Michael McClure.
  • File this CD in The Doors bins for maximum sales potential.

1. Pico Boulevard
2. Eagle in the Whirlpool
3. River of Night / Black Wine
4. Me Raw
5. Antechamber of the Night
6. That Government is Best
7. Big Lips
8. Mule Kick Blues
9. Let the Laws Go
10. Deconstruction Man
11. The Cups We Drink From
12. Jean Harlow and the Kid
13. Smash the State
14. Painted Dust

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Available from INgrooves/Fontana and Planetworks Distribution outside the USA.

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