Rappy McRapperson – Charlie Sheen & All The Hits

Rappy McRapperson- Music and Video Producer, Has had 3 songs on the Itunes Comedy charts- Client list includez: Captain Underpants, PBS's Biz Kid$ (Emmy Award Winning) and much more. Check out the 2 Volume Greatest Hits and his latest track about Charlie Sheen!

Now On Itunes!! http://tinyurl.com/4fmcafu
(Itunes version does not have Sheen voice intro)


Charlie Sheen is on the Mother Fucking Scene.
High Priest Vatican assasin Level 14

Call the Party Team. And bring the knarley green.
Sippin on that barley cream- Its so Charlie sheen.
hes on a motercycle --its a Harley dream.
Charlie Sheen is on the scene.!!!!!
Hes bi Winning- he wins here- he wins there.
Buck naked in the forest runnin just chasing a bear.
High Speed Lunge on the tip toes Running in for the tackle.
Ripped the fucking heart out- howeled at howl at the moon and laughed like a jackal.
SPakle the place- Hes Back on the case.
drinking tiger blood- Just to melt off your face,
splash you in the corvette- get you all wet.
Hit you with the -sonic boom- in the f18 stealth jet.
With low low swoopin Charlie Sheen is poopin-
he even braught the Salt 'N Peppa girls back together now there shoopin.
Shope shope e doopin- -Hes a mighym good man.
He Ate the fucking sun and Didnt even get a tan.
With the heart of a tiger at the speed of the nightrider.
The type of guy to have sex with your granmdma just to nut inside her.
And give her tripplets. You cant get the digits.
The type of guy to drink guiness while he fux midgets.

Charlie Sheen, Chalrlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen on the mother fucking scene.
Hell Beet you up on your birthday just for the laughs.
Hell dress up like a balerina- just to kick your ass.
When the f18s start swoopin droppping bombs.
Melt your fucking face off- tiger blood up to your arms,

Thats bi Winning he wins here- you win there.
In the f18 swooping low --Sonic boom-- to melt your face and hair
Poetry on the fingertips- Noble man, chivalrist-
Hit your shit with the with the 8 inch twist- While your grandma licks her lips.
Her hips full of triplets -- Charlie sheen just winked at her.
Vatican Assasins in the building everyone scatters.
He'll makes your spalltter with his chit chatter.
Then Its off with your head like the mad hatter
With the blow in the penthouse, red rooster boofing in the henhouse.
Charlie Sheen is on Flames you thought he'de been dowsed.
But he rises from the ahses like a phenix!!!
ANd takes over the twitter with his penis. so genious.
He is the cleanist. He is the Moother fucking sheenest.
Level 100 Warlock- His love is the meanest.-
Love you so voilentley through voilent hatred.
High priest Vatican Assasin Taste it-
Charlie Sheen - On the mother fucking scene.
He pooped in a landfill it all turned clean.
Charlie Sheen - On the mother fucking scene.
Gettin that hittin that wizard sleeve!!!.
Chalie Sheen- is on the scene.
And Your boy baby Rappy gets summoned for the theme.
Hey Grandma Can I get a drum roll????
As I spit these bars for the South lake hills and South Robinswood high shcool





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  16. Outro




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