Margo Guryan – The Chopsticks Variations

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I never thought that anyone could do anything with “Chopsticks”, but Margo Guryan has   done it remarkably in a charming set of variations on the famous tune: clever, witty, at times tender and elegant, at other times punning and ribald. Every variation has some delightfully surprising touch. A little American “Mikrokosmas” – and much more fun! - Gunther Schuller (Pulitzer Prize Winner, Down Beat Lifetime Achievement Award, Columbia University’s William Schuman Award for lifetime achievement in American music composition and the MacArthur Foundation ‘genius’ award).

Track Listing:






  1. Variation 1 - Round
  2. Variation 2 - Adante
  3. Variation 3 - Allegretto
  4. Variation 4 - Rhymes
  5. Variation 5 - Andantino
  6. Variation 6 - Ragtime
  7. Variation 7 - Boogie Woogie
  8. Variation 8 - Inventionette
  9. Variation 9 - Adagio
  10. Variation 10 - Allegro
  11. Variation 11 - Barcarole
  12. Variation 12 - Walking
  13. Variation 13 - Melody
  14. Variation 14 - Finale






Margo Guryan - "Take A Picture"

Margo Guryan's 1968 album "Take a Picture" completely remastered with 3 previously unreleased bonus tracks. Beautiful digipak with 12-page full color booklet which includes lyrics and biographical info, as well as liner notes from current artists and journalists.

Excerpt from AllMusic.com review by Stanton Swihart

Routinely selling for huge sums of money on the vinyl market and making its way into the collections of pop fanatics as far afield as Japan, Take a Picture has taken on a dynamic life of its own since its 1968 release, especially for an album that went relatively unheard at the time. It is not difficult to figure out what all the retroactive acclaim is about once you hear the sweet, delicate strain of gently kaleidoscopic music on the sole album from Margo Guryan. It is the soft pop of which gauzy dreams are made, full of the hazy changes and transitory variations of autumn, an album that you invariably want to wrap up in.

Track Listing:

  1. Sunday Morning
  2. Sun
  3. Love Songs
  4. Thoughts
  5. Don't Go Away
  6. Take A Picture
  7. What Can I Give You
  8. Think Of Rain
  9. Can You Tell
  10. Someone I Know
  11. Love


Excerpt from AllMusic.com review by Stewart Mason

As a companion to Oglio's excellent reissue of Margo Guryan's sole album, 1968's Take a Picture, 25 Demos is useful primarily to die-hard fans, the musical equivalent of the "suggested outside reading" list in AP English classes...

Track Listing:

  1. What Can I Give You
  2. Something's Wrong with the Morning
  3. I Love
  4. Sunday Morning
  5. Can You Tell
  6. Think of Rain
  7. Sun
  8. Most of My Life
  9. The 8:17 Northbound Success Merry-Go-Round
  10. Love Songs
  11. Thoughts
  12. I Don't Intend to Spend Christmas Without You
  13. Come to Me Slowly
  14. Timothy Gone
  15. It's Alright Now
  16. Values
  17. I Think a Lot About You
  18. The Hum
  19. Please Believe Me
  20. Yes I Am
  21. I'd Like to See the Bad Guys Win
  22. California Shake
  23. Shine
  24. Hold Me Dancin'
  25. Good-bye, July

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