Robby Krieger – Grammy Nominated Singularity and Cinematix

"SINGULARITY" was named after my painting which we used for the album cover. A singularity is a profound event such as the "big bang", which was the creation of the universe. I could have started with something smaller, such as, say the destruction of a galaxy or two, but I figured what the hell. Hopefully, the music evokes thoughts along those lines. I'm very happy, that after all these years, I was able to record some flamenco guitar, which comprises the intro's for two of the songs, 'Russian Caravan" and "Event Horizon" I'm also very happy with some of the slide guitar such as on "Southern Cross" and "Let It Slide"

- Robby Krieger


Track Listing

1) Russian Caravan (Intro) 3:24 - Robby Krieger - Flamenco Guitar

2) Russian Caravan 10:12 - Horn Arrangement by Arthur Barrow, Robby Krieger - Flamenco & Electric Guitars, Kevin Brandon - Acoustic Bass, Tommy Mars - Organ, Arthur Barrow - Piano, Vinnie Colaiuta - Drums, Eric Leckrone - Percussion, Sal Marquez - Trumpet, Walt Fowler - Trombone, Larry Klimas - Saxes & Flutes

3) Southern Cross 4:45 - Robby Krieger - Slide Guitar, Arthur Barrow - Bass, Tommy Mars - Keyboards, Richie Hayward - Drums

4) Event Horizon (Intro) 2:25 - Robby Krieger - Flamenco Guitar

5) Event Horizon 7:22, Arranged by Kevin Charles Brandon, Robby Krieger - All Guitars and Solos, Kevin Brandon - Acoustic Bass & Warwick 7 String Electric Bass, Dr. Professor Milcho Leviev - Piano & Keyboards Using iK Multimedia Viritual Synths, The Brandino Woodwind & Horn Section, Thomas Stones III - Flute, Albert Wing - Tenor Sax, Sal Cracchiolo - Trumpet & Horn Contractor, Eric Jorgensen - Trombone

6) Coffin Dodger 3:12 - Robby Krieger - Guitars, Arthur Barrow - Bass, Keyboards, Tommy Mars - Organ, Richie Hayward - Drums, Eric Leckrone - Percussion

7) Trane Running Late 4:35 - Robby Krieger - Guitars, Arthur Barrow - Bass, Rhythm Guitar, Tommy Mars - Organ, Larry Klimas - Saxophone, Owen Goldman - Drums

8 ) Let It Slide 5:27 - Arranged by Kevin Charles Brandon, Robby Krieger - Guitars, Arthur Barrow - Bass, Keyboards, Tommy Mars - Organ, Richie Hayward - Drums

9) Solar Wind 4:25 - Robby Krieger - Guitars, Tony Franklin - Bass, Dale Alexander - Keyboards, Gary Meeks - Sax, Gregg Bissonette - Drums

10) House Of Bees 4:58 - Robby Krieger - Guitars, Arthur Barrow - Bass, Clavinet, Tommy Mars - Electric Piano, Andy Kravitz - Drums, Percussion, Eric Leckrone - Percussion, Larry Klimas - Saxes, Flutes

Singularity Production Credits: Songs produced and written by Robby Krieger and Arthur Barrow Except "Solar Wind" produced by Krieger and written by Dale Alexander "Event Horizon" produced and written by Krieger and Kevin "Brandino" Brandon



There are few guitarists in rock history that have managed to scale the heights that Robby Krieger managed while a member of one of the all-time great groups, The Doors. Krieger continues to release original music that strikes a chord in music listeners worldwide, as evidenced by his critically acclaimed solo album, 2010's 'Singularity.' But the greatest proof is thatKrieger was recently nominated for a Grammy Award, in the "Best Pop Instrumental Album" category, alongside the likes of Gerald Albright, Larry Carlton & Tak Matsumoto, Kenny G, and Kirk Whalum. In order for an album to be considered for this category, it must contain 51% or more playing time of instrumental tracks.

"I am super proud to be nominated," says Krieger, "Especially as hard as Arthur Barrow [the album's co-producer] and I worked on this album. We started working on the song 'Russian Caravan' as a tribute to Miles Davis, shortly after he passed away years ago. We never gave up on the project, even though it took a lot longer than we planned. Believe it or not, we actually said, 'Man this is good enough to get a Grammy!' And here we are, nominated. Thank you!". Also incredibly pleased with the nomination is the owner of Oglio Records, Carl Caprioglio, the label that released 'Singularity.' "Oglio Records has been in business since 1993. We have worked with many great artists, but I have to pinch myself every time I think of my good fortune to be working with the legendary Robby Krieger. I will certainly go down in history as one of the luckiest guys in the independent record label business". Robby is represented by Tom Vitorino Management.

Robby Krieger was one of The Doors' principle songwriters, penning the classics "Light My Fire," "Love Me Two Times," "Love Her Madly," and "Touch Me." 'Singularity' co-producer Arthur Barrow is also a multi-instrumentalist musician, best known for his stint as a bass player and band leader for Frank Zappa in the late 70's and early 80's. Arthur appeared on The Doors 'An American Prayer' album, and the two have worked together on nearly all of Krieger’s solo work and performances.

Along with Barrow, 'Singularity' features a number of Zappa alumni, including Tommy Mars, Bruce Fowler, Larry Klimas, and Vinnie Colaiuta (all of which are featured on the album’s aforementioned standout track, "Russian Caravan") as well as one of the last appearances from Little Feat’s Richie Hayward. 'Singularity' also features two additional long-time Krieger collaborators, Dale Alexander on "Solar Wind" and Kevin "Brandino" Brandon on "Event Horizon". Additionally, Brandino has appeared on Krieger’s 'Cinematix' album for Oglio Records, plus albums from Outkast, Justin Timberlake, and Mary J. Blige, and played over two decades with the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin.

The 53rd Annual Grammy Awards will air on CBS on February 13, 2011, at 8pm ET/PT. Tune in to see if Robby takes home the prized gilded gramophone statuette!





LOS ANGELES, CA Robby Krieger returns with a new instrumental solo album, Singularity, on Oglio Records, a Fontana/Universal distributed label. On Singularity, Robby continues to explore his unique flamenco infused jazz-rock sound as heard on his previous album for Oglio Records, Cinematix. Singularity was produced by Robby Krieger, Arthur Barrow and Brandino, features an original Krieger painting as the cover art and will also be available on vinyl.

"SINGULARITY" was named after my painting which we used for the album cover. A singularity is a profound event such as the "big bang", which was the creation of the universe. I could have started with something smaller, such as, say the destruction of a galaxy or two, but I figured what the hell. Hopefully, the music evokes thoughts along those lines. I’m very happy, that after all these years I was able to record some flamenco guitar, which comprises the intros for two of the songs, 'Russian Caravan" and "Event Horizon". I’m also very happy with some of the slide guitar such as on "Southern Cross" and "Let It Slide"  - Robby Krieger

During his time as The Doors guitarist, Robby wrote some of the band’s best known songs including “Light My Fire”, “Love Me Two Times”, “Love Her Madly” and “Touch Me”. He was also voted in at #91 on Rolling Stone’s list of the 100 Greatest Guitarists Of All Time and in 2009, Robby partnered with the Gibson Guitar Corporation to release his very own limited edition signature guitar, the ‘Inspired By Krieger SG’.

Robby Krieger rejoins his fellow The Doors member, Ray Manzarek, who also released his own solo record, “Love Her Madly” on Oglio Records, in their group Manzarek-Krieger for a new tour beginning May 27th.


Also Available


A soundtrack for your mind. My definition of Cinematix is “stimulation of the visual cortex through music”. In other words, I think good instrumental music should affect you some way rather than just “oh, that sounds nice”. And since people are so visual today with movies and television, I think it has gotta make you visualize something. It does me. So that is what I tried to achieve with Cinematix.

- Robby Krieger

Cinematix Track Listing

1) Snake Oil  4:41
2) Idolatry  4:52
3) Skip  4:12
4) Missionary Jam  10:23
5) Psychadelicate  7:55
6) Haunted Spouse  3:42
7) Red Alert  6:42
8 ) Brandino  5:04
9) Out of the Mood  8:56
10) War Toad (Peace Frog Remix) 6:14



When you think of the Doors, 'guitar' isn't the first thing that usually comes to mind (Jim Morrison's manic persona and Ray Manzarek's swirling organ usually take precedent), but guitarist Robbie Krieger proved to be an integral member of the band -- helping pen the majority of the group's songs. Born on January 8, 1946 in Los Angeles, California, Krieger was first taken by classical music, before discovering such early rock & roll artists as Elvis Presley via the radio. When surfing proved to be taking Krieger's mind off of studying during his teenage years, his parents enrolled him in a private school. Each night, students were forced to study in their rooms for a few hours -- instead, Krieger used this time to teach himself how to play guitar. First interested in flamenco guitar, Krieger's playing style soon expanded into folk, jazz, and blues. But it was a Chuck Berry concert that finally convinced Krieger to give rock music a go, which resulted in the guitarist trading in his classical guitar in for a Gibson SG, an instrument that he would eventually become synonymous with.

Studying physics and Indian music at UCLA, Krieger played in bands with friends, and eventually bumped into a drummer he'd met a few years before, John Densmore. The two began jamming on blues together, while Krieger's interest in Indian music and culture continued to flourish, as he began dabbling with sitars (studying at the Kinnara School, which was founded by Ravi Shankar), and attending meditation classes. It was at one of these meditation classes that Krieger met keyboardist Ray Manzarek. Manzarek eventually convinced Krieger to come down and rehearse with a poet/singer he'd been working with, Jim Morrison. Their first rehearsal supposedly resulted in the penning of "Moonlight Drive," and after playing several gigs, Krieger convinced his pal Densmore to join on as well, resulting in the birth of the Doors. Quickly building a name for themselves in L.A. with their unpredictable live shows, the Doors were signed to Elektra Records, and issued their debut album, the Doors, in 1967. The album would become one of rock's all-time classics, as it spawned the monster hit "Light My Fire," a tune penned entirely by Krieger. It appeared as though the group had a hard time following up such a strong debut, as such subsequent studio releases -- 1967's Strange Days, 1968's Waiting for the Sun, and 1969's the Soft Parade -- all included several classic songs, but failed to match the consistency of their debut.

But by the dawn of the '70s, it appeared as though the band had regained their focus, issuing a pair of strong releases, 1970's Morrison Hotel and 1971's L.A. Woman, before Morrison drank himself into the 'great saloon in the sky.' In the wake of Morrison's passing, the Doors attempted to continue on, resulting in a pair of so-so albums, 1971's Other Voices and 1972's Full Circle, before packing it in. Krieger would go on to sporadically issue solo albums (debuting in 1977 with Robbie Krieger & Friends), in addition to playing live dates, and guesting on albums by other artists (the Butts Band, Blue Öyster Cult, etc.). In the early 21st century, Krieger and Manzarek resuscitated the Doors (with the Cult's Ian Astbury taking Morrison's position, and the Police's Stewart Copeland initially taking Densmore's spot) for live shows and recordings.

— Greg Prato , All Music Guide

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