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Craig Gass “The Worst Comedy Show Ever” – In Stores April 16, 2013

Craig Gass Worst CD Mini-s



Features Cameo’s by Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready and Alice in Chains’ Jerry Cantrell & Sean Kinney

(Los Angeles, CA) The outrageously funny Comedian/Actor and all-around “impressionist”, CRAIG GASS, announces the release of his debut live comedy album and DVD, The Worst Comedy Show Ever, on April 16, 2013 through Oglio Records. The release will coincide with GASS’ North American tour (dates TBA).

Filmed last summer at Dave’s of Milton Lounge and Comedy Club, a burned out but beloved hole-in-the-wall located (well) outside of Seattle, Washington, where scores of stand-up comics have gone for decades to test their material on the easily amused, and endlessly-forgiving, blue collar patrons. Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready, has a hilarious cameo on the DVD, and Alice in Chains’ Jerry Cantrell and Sean Kinney, lend their fractured personalities to several news blackouts on the CD, hearkening back George Carlin’s post-‘60s hippy-dippy weatherman.

“The material on the DVD/CD was meticulously developed, night after night, in the near-empty rooms of shit-hole bars and comedy dives,” confesses GASS. “Now, it’s been turned into my dream come true! I am proud, ecstatic and terrified – but it’s a good kind of terror.”

The USO are also big fans of GASS and have asked the comedian to perform at a few select overseas bases of our Armed Forces. Craig will begin his tour in the Azores Islands of Portugal on March 11th before winding up on March 16th at the NATO Base in Madrid, Spain. He will make an appearance at the Panasonic Theatre in Toronto, Canada as he makes his way home to the U.S. Adding to his increasingly busy schedule, GASS will be making his Comedy Central debut on the upcoming season of the hit animated series, Brickleberry.

The pathway to impressions and stand-up comedy appears to be GASS’ destiny from the very beginning. Growing up in a family that was completely deaf, GASS learned to speak from watching TV. In 1993 GASS began performing stand-up comedy. His dead-on impressions caught the attention of two icons of the entertainment community, Howard Stern and George Carlin. Carlin soon took GASS under his wing, became his mentor, and acting roles materialized with regularity. In addition, GASS became a writer for Colin Quinn on Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update”. GASS perfected his style with memorable characters on such TV shows as Sex and the City, King of Queens, Law & Order and Gene Simmons’ Family Jewels, and most recently has been doing voice over work on the shows Family Guy, American Dad and The Cleveland Show. As the industry continued to embrace his comedic style, GASS’ love for all things hard rock, led to his being honored with exclusive requests to open for Metallica, Alice in Chains and KISS.

As a regular guest on The Howard Stern show, GASS provides countless, riveting stories from the road, his endless encounters with Hollywood elite and life at its most basic reality. His seamless impressions of Al Pacino, Lars Ulrich, Sam Kinison, Adam Sandler, Tracy Morgan, Gene Simmons, Gilbert Gottfried, Christopher Walken, Owen Wilson and dozens more, accompanied by his machine gun-style delivery and fall-down-laughing storytelling, have already captivated audiences around the world.

Oglio Records is Oglio is celebrating its 20th anniversary as an independent label specializing in the fun and unusual. Oglio has released and reissued recordings from a diverse group of talent including comedians George Lopez, Jackie “The Joke Man” Martling (of Howard Stern Show fame) and Rob Schneider, as well as musical talent including Brian Wilson, Cyndi Lauper, Parry Gripp, Nerf Herder, BigBang, Roger Joseph Manning Jr., and Beatallica. Oglio Records is distributed worldwide by INgrooves/Fontana.

You can check out a teaser clip here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VqydCh22DQg

For more information on Craig Gass, please contact:
Melissa Dragich-Cordero Michelle Gutenstein
p. 310.547.1212 p. 862-368-6576
e. melissadragich@gmail.com e. michelle.gutenstein@me.com

Andy Dick Joins The Cast Of Dancing With The Stars

Congratulations to Andy Dick for being featured on the hit ABC show, Dancing With The Stars. Oglio Comedy released Andy's 2006 comedy album "Do Your Shows Always Suck?" which featured an unknown (at the time) singer/songwriter Mark Foster. Well, Mark went on to establish the highly successful band Foster The People and gain international success.

This song "Ballad of Andy" about Andy Dick is written and performed by the great Mark Foster from the band Foster The People. Read the lyrics as the video plays. It is a terrific song.


Andy did not I fare too well as a young boy in Roswell
well, Georgia was no good for his tender soul
then he went to Chicago, and off to Hollywood he goes
well, Hollywood's a hard road to ride alone
and now you turn on the TV
and you see him now he's laughing
and you think it's make believe
but he's more real than what you see on TV
well the Stiller Show you may know it
got him on News Radio and it turned out to be a hit show
well all the success got to his head
it's hard to live life when all your best friends are dead
and all the weight of the world just crashes in
and now you turn on the TV
and you see him now he's laughing
and you think it's make believe
but he's more real that what you see
and now you turn on the TV
and now you see him while he's yelling
and you think it's make believe
but he's more real that what you see on TV
Andy danced with the devil
and all of his candy the drugs got a real tight gripp on Andy
we went to jail did not pass go, he broke his bones
and broke his nose, and he broke his funny bone, yeah
and now you turn on the TV
and you see him now he's crying
and you think its make believe
but he's more real that what you see
and now you turn on the TV
and now you see him while he's dying
and you think its make believe
but he's more real that what you see on TV
yeah, he's more real than what you see on TV
yeah, he's more real than what you see on TV
on TV........


The Forbidden Language Series

Have you always wanted to learn a foreign language but thought that there wasn't a practical reason to invest the time? Well, Oglio and Extra Curricular Learning have the answer for you - The Forbidden Language Series!

You can choose from Spanish, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Yiddish, Russian and even Ebonics. You'll learn practical translations such as these from Forbidden Spanish:

Eat me! - ¡Come me!
Eat shit and die! - ¡Come mierda y muerete!
Fuck you! - ¡Chingado!
Fuck your mother! - ¡Chinga tú madre!
Go fuck yourself! - ¡Vete a chingarte!
Shut the fuck up! - ¡Callate el pinche hocico!
Will you go to bed with me? - ¿Puedes ir a la cama conmigo?
Are you using birth control? - ¿Usas algo para controlar ponerte encinta?
Your body makes me hot. - Tu cuerpo me pone caliente.

Order now from Amazon or iTunes!

The Forbidden Language Series

Jackie Martling – The Music from Jackie’s Joke Hunt

Now for the first time you can own the music featured on Jackie "The Joke Man" Martling's Sirius XM show, "The Joke Hunt". Check out these amazing tracks:

And I'm Thinkin' About You
Dr. John's Patio
Fool's Gold
Ice Cream
Morning Sun
Bridgitte's Luncheonette
Peanut Butter & Jelly
The Joke Hunt End Theme

You asked for them and now they are available here, on iTunes and on Amazon.com!

Pat Cooper – Comedy Ringtones

Pat Cooper releases his first batch of ringtones with all of his classic phrases that you know and love from the Howard Stern Show. Pat is at his best with these classics for your iPhone, Android and most other mobile phone models:

King Of All Media
Who The Hell Is This?
Hello Goodbye
A Very Important Call
You're A Bum
Your Pussy Is Calling
Are You Going To Just Let The Phone Ring?
Why Don't You Answer The Phone?
Is That A Phone Vibrating In Your Pocket?
Leave Me A Message
I Wish You A Peaceful Death
Shut Up, Sit Down!


Pat Cooper Ringtones now available on iTunes and Amazon:

Pat Cooper Ringtones - Pat Cooper

F-Jackie T-Shirt

Finally available to the public is the all new F-Jackie license plate T-Shirt. The shirt is a high quality black T and the screen printing is an awesome vintage license plate sporting F-Jackie. Limited supplies so order early and often. F-Jackie!!

Jackie Martling – Ringtones




The Joke Man Oh Oh

Purchase here for $1.99

The Joke Man Short Laughs

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The Joke Man Long Laughs

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The Joke Man Noises

Purchase here for $1.99

The Joke Man Laughs One

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The Joke Man Laughs Two

Purchase here for $1.99

The Joke Man Laughs Three

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The Joke Man Laughs Four

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Ringtones cost $1.99 each and charges will appear on your wireless bill, or be deducted from your prepaid balance. This is not a subscription. Message & Data Rates May Apply. Not available for all wireless carriers or mobile phones. For HELP, go to http://www.universalmusic.com/mobile/help. To stop text STOP to 30303.

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Rob Schneider – Registered Offender

Buy Now!

The Brand New Comedy Album!

Track Listing

1. What I Want


2. Iraq Love


3. Yoko and Julian


4. She’s Gonna Come


5. Swain The Legend


6. Virtual Kidnappers


7. Car Wash


8. The Perfect Shit


9. Agent For Porn Stars


10. Sex Offenders


11. The Liar Corp


12. Welcome To The Jungle


13. Sea Of Jizz


14. Mom and Dad Party


15. Graduation Speech


16. Bonus Outro

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J Chris Newberg – Best of: Join The Chris Army


All of the genius that is J Chris Newberg is collected up on one CD with "Join The Chris Army: the Best of J Chris Newberg". J Chris is a YouTube sensation with his video hit "Drunk Girl" and his new video collaboration with Dane Cook.

Track Listing:

1. Drunk Girl
true story, this song is actually about me and how i act when drunk

2. White Trash Girlfriend
gives you an opportunity to love sluts and trashy girls on more than just halloween

3. Morning Wood
is about waking up with a boner and rocking it hard. wait. what?

4. Perfect
is a true story about when you date someone who is awful and everyone knows it but you

5. Expensive
i was at a bar with a buddy and i said look at that girl, she's beautiful and he said, and expensive. went home wrote it right away

6. Bad Idea
is my attempt at a stadium sing along

7. Shut Up
is about how people talk about things and never do them

8. The Perfect Girl
a girl actually said that to me

9. Ultimate Break Up Song
every time i break up with a girl, i just want my stuff

10. History Of The Phone #
listen to this after you get a girls number. the end

11. Sugarland
i wrote this after watching willie wonka and the chocolate factory. it's my second favorite song that i have written

12. Valentines Day Sucks
it needed a song


J. Chris Newberg's refreshingly smart and edgy humor, delivered with a streetwise sense of philosophic cool, has propelled the guitarist/songwriter-cum-comedian to the forefront of the National comedy scene. While critics have been singing his praises in the press, audience members are offering true testimonial to Newberg's talent, roaring with laughter and clamoring for more of this hip and authentic new personality. Newberg's standup comedy cleverly combines his hilarious and off-beat observations on life with original, acoustic guitar songs and infectious melodies. Picture Bob Dylan and his six-string with Dennis Miller's incisive, cerebral wit. Well, not quite Dennis Miller, but definitely the occasional big word. Got it? Good, now you can begin to glimpse the unique, side-splitting talent that is J. Chris Newberg.

Newberg has spent much of adult life on the road. Whether it was performing in a bar just shy of capacity (See: Empty) or to his eventual gathering and collecting members of The Chris Army, his loyal fans. This initially began while he was touring and performing with the likes of the Counting Crows, Oasis, and John Mellencamp, but has since grown much larger through his undeniable Viral Video following. With his friends at comedy.com, J Chris has written and produced several short humorous videos that have received well over 7 million views.

See for yourself. Just go to Youtube.com/jchrisnewberg, Break.com, Funnyordie.com, collegehumor.com, myspace.com/jchrisnewberg, jchrisnewberg.com or comedy.com and search his name. Make sure that you have some time, because there is a lot of stuff on there.
Newberg has been seen on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Comedy Central, Last Comic Standing, The Tonight Show, The History Channel, Fox Sports and countless national commercials and voice over spots.

Check your local listings because if he's not in your town this week, I am sure it's only a matter of time before he will be. He is a graduate of the Second City and alumni of the famed Motor City Improv. He is a Pisces and a firm believer that everything is a word that can usually describe most things. Other words he uses at will: Stuff, Planet, Evolution, Frost, Shoulders, Poison, Rafting, and the list goes on and on.

A biography is supposed to give you a glimpse of what J Chris Newberg is all about. Well, I have just told you, so why don't you make a little effort to laugh on your own at him. Get to the internet and see what everyone is talking about. If you don't have a computer, than get to satellite radio Sirius or XM, it won't look the same, but you will still hear the funny. If you don't know what computers or cable radio are, well then I have a really cool sponge to sell you.

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