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Rondo Brothers – Foreign Globester

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The Foreign Globester featuring Motion Man (3:15)

in Los Angeles lives a tribe of young jesters known as ADM, or All Destroyed Momentarily. They recorded and shared with us a song, which so inspired us in its freedom of consciousness that we built it upon, layer by layer. Diamond Jim played bass and flute. Ben Ellman of Galactic played saxophone. The Bastard Prince played the fast whishy-whishy drums and Daryl Palumbo did some turntablism. The Foreign Globester needed a calling card, and this was the perfect place. Also featured in the recording is a 1994 vintage pink Hello Kitty Microphone.

Tumbling Down featuring Motion Man (3:04)

A song that generated from many places. It once sat alone as a disco-jam, and a bass line on a different downbeat. It had the piano chords played by Diamond Jim, and some trumpets and horns recorded by the Jay N Bee Jazz band. Later the Bastard Prince added guitar, which in turn spurred Jim to play bass, and transmogrify the beatscape, and add the live drums. At this point the Foreign Globester, heartbroken after a failed affair with Mia Farrow, needed an outlet, a rhythm through which to share his sorrows. And the song was born.

Bohemian Grove featuring MC Lars & K-Flay (3:12)

This is a very mysterious place in Northern California where heads of state and business intersect. The song started out as a remix for fellow traveler Common, and formerly it had him rambling on nonsensically. But we always knew that there was a much darker core to the song. The Globester introduced us to two people he met in his travels, K Flay, and MC Lars, a Man, and a Woman. She had infiltrated the Bohemian Grove disguised as a bellboy, and absconded MC Lars, who was being held prisoner against his will for acts of intellectual bravery. She heard the track and wanted to use it to relate her perils, while Lars related the truth. Contains prodigious uses of Circuit Breaks breakbeats, red Kaoss pads, and Inspector Gadget synthesizers.

Roketship Flossin featuring Poach Stevens (3:21)

We all know what this means. This track was used in a Wu Tang Documentary called Rock Tha Bellz. Features a bizarre percussion mashup of snare drum sounds and reverse kick drums, and jungle noises. And circuit bent Japanese toy sounds. The Bastard Prince plays upon a 1932 Nylon string guitar once played by Django Reinhardt. The song also features a really interesting bridge. And an alien who goes by the name of Calmplecs, relating the story of his spaceship that he uses regularly, which is coveted by many other interstellar travelers. The Globester has little need for out-landers, but is acutely aware of their existence. He has proved and disproved their existence repeatedly, depending on who is asking.

You Got It. I Want It. featuring Motion Man & Madison (3:44)

Thanks to the little red Alesis keyboard that the Globester picked up in Morocco, this track has nice basslines and keyboard bits. This track started out as a tribute to the pure talent of Malibu rapper Shwayze, who was introduced to the Rondos at his record label in Los Angeles. But the track was too sexual, too breathy, too liquid for Shwayze. So we enlisted additional personnel – one of the Globesters female cohorts, a mad scientist witch doctress who calls herself Madison. Madison & The Globester realized they had common ground in gourmet espresso, Karate, Pilates, and Versace. The two of them tackle the evergreen subject of sexual tension between men and women. You Got It, I Want It.

Last Nite Ruled featuring Motion Man (2:46)

Some time ago the Rondo studio was visited by the legendary guitarist F Sean Martin of Hatebreed, who brought along an MC called Motion Man. A record called King Beast was recorded, including a track called Last Nite Ruled. Then one day, Diamond Jim was playing this amazing organ sound he found on a kick-ass synthesizer program called the “IMPOscar”. The organ produced a riff. The riff inspired a beat. The beat inspired a double-octave bass line tripled with a muted 67 Fender Stratocaster. The track came to life. And the only way to do it justice was to let the Foreign Globester re-record the vocals to Last Night Ruled at a much speedier tempo. And the world’s ultimate party song was born. The first hip hop funk song in a good while to feature a blazing synthesizer solo.

Legend Has It featuring Krazy Glue (3:28)

Krazy Glue, a NY based DJ, sent a brown paper package to the Rondo Brothers. It was this song on a CD. It was a beat and some scratching. The rondos added some piano, organ, and synthesizer bass via the Moog Voyager. The track came to life. The choir was booked for the choruses but was canceled when the Foreign Globester insisted on non-denomational singles only.

Tip Toe featuring Motion Man & Madison (3:41)

Occasionally even the Globester finds a need for solace, contemplation, peace. Written with a blond librarian in a monastery in northern Italy. Featuring a Hammond XB3 double leslie cabinet organ, 1958 Gretsch drums. Fender 1969 Precision Bass played in double octave form.

The Bigfoot featuring Poach Stevens (3:49)

A track that has lived on the Globester’s shelf for several years. It took a Bigfoot sighting by the Globester in Hendy Park, Northern California, to realize that the Bigfoot needed a song of his own. But – first, the Globester had to physically apprehend the Bigfoot and teach him English, by luring him into a lean-to trap with Necco Wafers. The Bigfoot fell for the ruse, and learnt English within a matter of months. He was then persuaded to stand in front of a microphone and retell his tale, and he chose this track for the telling, because in his words, it “made him feel greeeeeaat!”

Bikini Body featuring Motion Man & Latrice Barnett (3:50)

The Globester is on a quest, like all men, for love, when you really boil it down to the basic elements. Love, Sweet, Love. Ivan Malaguti helped with the beat on this nice buttery slow jam, and The Globester just turned in a photograph of his last lover and said “This One’s For You.” Strings inspired by the Black Eyed Peas. Guitars inspired by Kool & The Gang. Bass inspired by James Jamerson. Celeste inspired by Brian Wilson.

Cult Leader featuring MC Lars & Beefy T (3:54)

Ace lyrical anarchist MC Lars was enlisted by the Globester to tackle this weighty topic. Lily Allen was the original singer of the song, but she decided to get more to the point and write a song straight to George Bush entitled “Fuck You”. Harsh politics aside, her role left an empty hole in the track that could only be filled by a mysterious man known as Beefy T. The Globester stepped aside and let these two have the song, as he prefers to stay outside of religious quests. This track was recorded in a small rural village in Northeastern Ohio, overlooking a pond, using a miniature keyboard and Digidesign C1 Gate/Compressor.



The Foreign Globester was created over a year long period where bay area MC Motion Man paid numerous visits to the Rondo Brothers studio in San Francisco.

The three had discovered a mutual love of wine, women and song. The Hennessy flew freely and the menthol cigarettes put the sweet sweet aroma of minty tobacco into the studio air.

A whole host of songs were recorded.. bit by bit. One at a time. One per session. Motion Man would pace the studio floor, pen and computer in hand, while the Rondos would play bass and guitar and craft drumbeats, waiting for Motion Man to announce he was ready and jump into the vocal booth.

One beautiful spring day in 2009, the Rondos were playing a particularly juicy track for Motion, who got extra inspired. He didn't say much, but he started singin, and swayin, and cuttin loose.

And when he got to the chorus of the song, he said "Are you omnipotent, or too irrelevant, i'm gonna get you, the foreign globester".

And when that was done, Diamond Jim turned around and said "That's our man - That's the record".

Excitedly, they finished off the song - and the Globester was born.

The cards were embossed, the guests were invited: MC Lars, Madison, Poach Stevens, Beefy T. A cast of characters from all different backgrounds and shapes and sizes.

And all the tracks suddenly made sense. The worldview of the Foreign Globester.

And thus, the story begins.



The rondo brothers are the bastard prince and diamond jim, two bay area based multi-instrumentalists, DJs, and producers. they became the rondo brothers in 2004 after living in New Orleans for several months working with Galactic on the ruckus album, and getting into a hotel hot tub with all of their clothes on.

Having already contributed to various projects through friend Dan The Automator such as Deltron 3030, Dr Octagon, and Lovage, the rondo brothers made their own breakthrough album "No Time Left On Earth" which was a clever take on hawaiian music mixed with beats and electronics and earned them a spot opening for the Handsome Boy Modeling School White People tour in 2005.

Subsequently, the Rondos were invited to join Head Automatica, a side project for Glassjaw frontman Daryl Palumbo, and this crew went on multiple national tours opening for The Cure, Interpol, Thursday, the Rapture, and more.

While gaining accomplishments as live musicians, the Rondos wrote and recorded on dozens of commercial scores, films, and television shows, as well as getting opportunities to turn in remixes for artists such as Lily Allen, Common, the Beatles, Shwayze, Peeping Tom, and others. They scored a series of NFL cartoons and wrote the song “Ocho Cinco” that gave Chad Johnson his now famous legal nickname.

In 2007 a second record was released, "Seven Minutes To Midnight", which found them still a wider audience and they embarked another Automator tour, supporting Chali2NA, Casual, and Andre the Giant on a national tour supporting the NBA 2K7 video game.

Now heavily in demand producers, the Rondos produced with Bay Area indie favorites Loquat, nerdcore hero MC Lars, as well as tracks for artists such as Scissors For Lefty, Kid Beyond, the Lovemakers, the Matches, and many others.

In 2008 they were offered a chance to record tracks with metal-guitarist guru F Sean Martin from Hatebreed who was working with legendary bay area MC Motion Man on a project called King Beast - the Rondos and Motion Man hit it off, and the three started working on a new project of their own, the Foreign Globester.

In 2009 the rondos finished two album for MC Lars, and currently are working as full-time producers for a side project with up and coming Australian brother duo the Kin, who were introduced to the rondos by producer and collaborator Jack Douglas.

Also accomplished songwriters, 2010 will see the rondos release a cut of one of their co-writes on the new Galactic album, sung by R&B legend Irma Thomas, as well as a co-write on Alligator Records’ artist Eric Lindell.

2010 will see the of release the Foreign Globester album through Oglio/DMAFT records….

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Oglio.com, the online home of The Oglio Entertainment Group, Inc. relaunched today as a new WordPress site. The new site brings together Oglio's family of record labels: Oglio Records, Oglio Comedy, Oglio Kids, Glue Factory Records, DMAFT Records and the joint venture label Crappy Records. In addition to Oglio's labels, the site will eventually be the home of Oglio's publishing companies: Oglio Music (ASCAP) and Oilgo Music (BMI).

Oglio Entertainment is a eighteen year old independent label based in Torrance, California, consisting of the imprints: Oglio Records (Rock, Reissues), Oglio Comedy (Stand Up and Musical Comedy) Glue Factory Records (Alternative Rock) and DMAFT Records (Rap & Hip-Hop). Our growth has been significant enough to earn Oglio a position on Inc. Magazine's 1998 listing of the 500 fastest growing companies in America.  Oglio was started in a spare bedroom in 1993 by music fanatic Carl Caprioglio. Under Mr. Caprioglio's watch, Oglio has achieved national recognition as a successful niche marketer of audio products. Oglio releases have received national attention and significant sales success including a Billboard Top 50 hit benefiting the Make A Wish Foundation, and projects with Brian Wilson, Cyndi Lauper, Nerf Herder, Parry Gripp, Rob Schneider, Jackie Martling, Andy Dick & George Lopez.

Oglio has established licensing relationships with most of the major labels including Sony/BMG, EMI-Capitol, Warner Music, and Universal. In addition to traditional music markets, Oglio has cultivated licensing relationships with The Coca-Cola Corporation and Hallmark Inc. for music products. Oglio has an excellent reputation and is well known for producing high quality packages. We bring our substantial experience to every new project.

Marketing and promotion are handled in-house by Oglio's staff. Independent contractors are retained for retail promotion, radio promotion and publicity campaigns. Distribution in the USA and Canada is provided by Fontana (A Division of Universal Music). Oglio has worldwide export relationships for physical products and worldwide deals with INgrooves reaching over 100 digital outlets for downloads, ring tones and new digital media. Oglio has the distribution reach of a major label with the attitude and focus of an independent label. With ambitious plans for new projects, Oglio is poised for continued growth and future success.

Ultramagnetic MCs – The Best Kept Secret

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Ultramagnetic MC’s (Kool Keith, Ced Gee, Moe Luv and TR) have arrived to write a new chapter in the their legendary, highly influential legacy. “The Best Kept Secret” is pure and direct U-G Controllers free from outside influences. From the streets, the strip clubs, the hotel rooms, this is the album that Ced Gee and Kool Keith always wanted to make.

Throughout their long careers, Ultramagnetic MC’s and Kool Keith have a loyal and dedicated fan base with multiple fan sites that document their every move and product release, create regular mixtapes and they have even spawned an international magazine called “Critical Beatdown” named after their landmark debut. Keith himself tours 12 months out of the year and garners on a regular pace press coverage for his ongoing musical and contributions to Hip Hop.




It’s official! Ultramagnetic MC’s, aka The Bronx Kings, have created a new future classic for the fans featuring the original line up and production. Kool Keith, Ced Gee, Moe Luv and TR have joined forces again to write a new chapter in the Ultramagnetic MC’s legacy.

The upcoming release from DMAFT Records, “The Best Kept Secret”, represents freedom for the U-G Controllers, freedom from the major label games, the Machiavellian moves, freedom from the ‘Wack Industry’. This album was made by Ultramagnetic, for Ultramagnetic and their fans – with no outside influences or flavor of the month production teams. From the streets, the strip clubs, the hotel rooms, this is the album that Ced Gee and Kool Keith always wanted to make.

Carl Caprioglio, DMAFT Records/Oglio Entertainment Group President, explains why he decided to team up with the Ultramagnetic MC’s, “We’ve worked with Kool Keith going back to DMAFT’s release of his “Lost Masters” series back in 2003. It’s been a thrill to work with Keith and now the legendary Ultramagnetic MC’s especially to give them the room to finally pursue their own artistic direction”. DMAFT Records is a division of the Universal/Fontana distributed Oglio Entertainment Group and is also home to Kool Keith’s “Lost Masters” series and the “Diesel Truckers” collaboration with Kutmasta Kurt.

The first official single off “The Best Kept Secret” will be “Mechansim Nice (Born Twice)” b/w “Nottz”. You can also check myspace.com/ultramagneticmcs for the Keith and Ced supervised club videos to “Late Nite Rumble” and “Party Started”.


1  The Plaques
2  Late Nite Rumble
3  Mechanism Nice (Born Twice)
4 Ain’t It Good 2 U
5  Super Spellbound
6  Pop Bottles
7  Nottz
8  Porno Star (Part 2)
9  Underwear Pissy
10 Party Started
11 War
12 Delta 2006
13 Silk Master
14 Vibrato

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Squeak Ru

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Squeak Fat World Radio Spot by ogliorecords




(Los Angeles CA) – Squeak Ru, from the Inglewood group AllFrumTha I, has launched FatWorld Entertainment in conjunction with the management company Bonicals Ent Inc to release his solo music in physical and digital only formats. Squeak’s classic anthem “County Jail” featuring Ice Cube is still a steady radio recurrent single and his unique voice and flow has been heard on legendary albums from Westside Connection, Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, MC Eiht, WC, Mack 10, Kam, YoYo, Master P, Naughty By Nature, Petey Pablo, DJ Quik, The Reputables and more. He has worked with West Coast powerhouses Priority Records and Death Row and now is poised to break open doing things his way with FatWorld Entertainment, signing with the Fontana/Universal distributed DMAFT Records to release his solo debut “FatWorld” and the companion iTunes exclusive “Digital FatWorld 2”.

Continuing their ongoing collaborations that goes back to 1996, Ice Cube is featured on the instant anthem “Cali Boy”. Also, “Bellybuttion” has been a hit with the ladies in Squeak’s live shows playing dates with G.Malone and Suga Free. ‘FatWorld” also features MC Eiht, G-Luv, Damani and more. Aiming to rise above the usual, usher in a fresh new West Coast direction and reflect where his head is at in 2008, Squeak enlisted the very latest new West producers, B-Nasty, Mansur, Bank & Doe and Mr. Payback to power his solo sound.

Squeak Ru is managed by Bonicals Ent Inc. (www.myspace.com/bonicalsinc). President Roger Willis on working with Squeak, “One of the reasons Squeak Ru was signed to Bonicals was the direction he was going with his music. Another reason was being up for the challenge of working hard and just being open minded and being willing to listen to any suggestions that he thought would help his career be a success”.

“You know I see artists like Jay-Z and Roc-A-Fella, Baby and Cash Money, Ludacris and Disturbing Tha Peace, you know they got their grind on independently at first. I just like being my own boss so it’s all on me. I know it can’t go wrong because I’m going to give it my all and the best move to make these days is building your own buzz” – Squeak Ru

1 Welcome To The FatWorld Intro
2 Big Body
3 Bellybutton featuring G-Luv
4 What I Like
5 Sipp’On featuring MC Eiht and Damani
6 Gangsta
7 Money
8 Ordinary featuring Mike Kamilleon
9 Voice Mail Skit
10 Feel
11 Noth’n
12 California
13 Lil Homie
14 Cali Boy featuring Ice Cube and G-Luv
15 Rainy Days
16 West Coast Activity featuring The Reputables
17 Love ‘N My Life

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Rondo Brothers – Foreign Globester Vinyl LP


Special three vinyl bundle, only available here

Contains the full album wax for The Foreign Globester and two rare 12 inches

Limited Quantities! $45.00 Plus Shipping

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The Foreign Globester

1. A Quiet Room
2. The Foreign Globester
3. Tumbling Down
4. Bohemian Grove
5. Roketship Flossin
6. You Got It. I Want It.
7. Last Nite Ruled
8. Legend Has It
9. TipToe

10. Bigfoot

11. Bikini Body

12. Cult Leader

"Until We All Fall Down"
A1. Until We All Fall Down - Cubismo Grafico Pea Coat mix
A2. Until We All Fall Down - Original Version

B1. Crazed - Collete Remix
B2. Crazed - Original Version

"Aquarium Dreams"

(rare - unsealed, white sleeve, white vinyl)
Featuring Dirty Little Pedro and Samantha Stollenwerck
A1. Aquarium Dreams - Original Version
A2. Aquarium Dreams - Automator Remix

B1. Aquarium Dreams - Original Instrumental
B2. Aquarium Dreams - Automator Remix Instrumental

Also Available

Rondo Brothers - The Foreign Globester

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Rondo Brothers

Tumbling Down

Featuring Motion Man

Tumbling Down (3:02)
Tumbling Down (Red Dawn Remix) (5:30)
Tumbling Down (Instrumental) (3:02)
Tumbling Down (A Cappella) (3:02)


Los Angeles - The Rondo Brothers have joined creative forces with Motion Man to launch The Foreign Globester on June 1st, 2010, their new album from DMAFT/Oglio Records, a Fontana (Universal) distributed label. The San Francisco based Rondo Brothers are Jim Greer and Brandon Arnovick, genre-bending producers, composers, remixers and multi-instrumentalists musicians known for their quirky independent releases as well as their collaborations and performances with artists such as Galactic, Handsome Boy Modeling School, Crudo (Mike Patton and Dan The Automator), Daryl Palumbo, Prince Paul, and many more.

The new album is preceded by the first single, “Tumbling Down”, available now for download and as a ring tone. The Foreign Globester spotlights the talents of underground hip hop legend Motion Man, who narrates the trek of the Globester and his escapades with the audiotopia of aliens, bigfoot, vegas debauchery, latte-wielding bombshell supermodels, cult leaders and mad lovers. The Foreign Globester also features appearances from MC Lars, Krazy Glue, Madison, Beefy, DJ Quest. Latrice Barnett, Poach Stevens, K-Flay, Ben Ellman from Galactic and will be available on vinyl.

The Rondo Brothers have toured extensively with project such as Head Automatica, Deltron 3030, Lovage, The Lovemakers, and Handsome Boy Modeling School. They are currently in a DJ residency at San Francisco’s Coda and will kick off the summer with a June 10th appearance at San Francisco’s The Independent. The Rondo Brothers have also enlisted the aid of the Topspin direct to consumer platform as a way to deliver exclusive material to fellow music lovers. Recent winners of the Yoko Ono Remix Contest, they will be launching a remix contest of their own to coincide with The Foreign Globester street date on June 1st, 2010.

The Foreign Globester track listing and featured artists

  1. Quiet Room
  2. Tumbling Down featuring Motion Man
  3. Legend Has It featuring Krazy Glue
  4. Bohemian Grove featuring K-Flay & MC Lars
  5. You Got It. I Want It. featuring Madison & Motion Man
  6. Foreign Globester featuring Motion Man
  7. Roketship Flossin featuring Poach Stevens
  8. Last Night Ruled featuring Motion Man
  9. TipToe featuring Madison & Motion Man
  10. Cult Leader featuring Beefy & MC Lars
  11. Bigfoot featuring Poach Stevens
  12. Bikini Body featuring Latrice Barnett & Motion Man

For all things Rondo Brothers, including press photos, cover art and tour dates, visit:
Official: rondobrothers.com and dmaft.com
Social: facebook.com/rondobrothers and mypace.com/rondobrothers

  • February 19, 2011
  • By Mr Oglio
  • Comments Off on Kool Keith featuring Kutmasta Kurt – Diesel Truckers
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Kool Keith featuring Kutmasta Kurt – Diesel Truckers

Diesel Truckers is the long awaited reunion from rap music's leading innovators, Kool Keith and Kutmasta Kurt. Like a diesel engine this duo's latest effort has a musical style so heavy and powerful, they're ready to run fools off the road. Featuring Kool Keith's rhymes over Kutmasta Kurt's futuristic, funky beats this CD is sure NOT to disappoint.

Track Listing:


  • Diesel Truckers Theme
  • The Orchestrators
  • Break U Off
  • Takin' It Back
  • Mental Side Effects (featuring Fat Hed & H)
  • I Love You Nancy
  • Diesel Truckin' (featuring MC Dopestyle)
  • The Legendary
  • Can I Buy U A Drink
  • I Drop Money
  • M.A.N.E.
  • Bamboozled (featuring Marc Live & Jacky Jasper)
  • Serve 'Em A Sentence (featuring Motion Man)
  • Kenworth's With Wings

Bonus Tracks:

15. G.A.M.E.
16. The Diesel Truckers Movie (Multi-media track)

Beatallica – All You Need Is Blood


Track Listing


  • All You Need Is Blood (American English)
  • Ce So Precisa Sangue (Portuguese)
  • Koigil Vaja On Verd (Estonian)
  • Tu N'as Besoin Que De Sang (French)
  • Alle Sie Bedarf Ist Blut (German)
  • Vad Az Eletem (Hungarian)
  • Kol Shetzarikh Ze Dam (Hebrew)
  • Quel Che Ti Serve e'Sangue (Italian)
  • Todo Lo Que Necesitas Es Sangre (Mexican Spanish)
  • Het Enige Dat Ye Nodig He bt Is Bloed (Dutch)
  • Potrzebujesz Krwi (Polish)
  • Vsya Newzno Krov (Russian)
  • Piga Pilyohe (South Korean)
  • All You Need Is Blood (American Radio Edit)

The ALL YOU NEED IS BLOOD release is the result of a worldwide Beatalli-Banger Blood Bath initiative where fans transcribed the Beatallica single "All You Need Is Blood" into their native language and submitted back to the band to record. All you need is blood, blood is all you need!

Excerpt from AllMusicGuide.com Album Review by Jason Lymangrover
The world's favorite impersonators of Metallica impersonating the Beatles are back with their second release All You Need Is Blood. This time they've taken "All You Need Is Love" and replaced the lyrics with metal-themed flair to convert lines like "nothing you can see that can't be shown" to "nothin' you can smash that can't be smashed" in a dead-on James Hetfield imitation...

Caliber – Enter My City

Caliber "Enter My City"
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(Los Angeles CA) – The sensational Caliber is set to release his solo debut entitled “Enter My City” on DMAFT Records, a Fontana/Universal distributed label. Caliber is joined by his fellow The Suspects group members Lefty Knuckles and Kayottic, the entire roster of their Most High Records movement and the incredible LaLa. Production for “Enter My City” was handled by Tony G, DJ Reflex, Chico Rosales, Killa Cal, M1 and Most High’s main in house producer Boney Bones at The G Spot studio in Los Angeles. The legendary Estevan Oriol shot all the photography for Caliber and “Enter My City”.


Videos for “Enter My City” include the pre-release single “Raised In The Hood” (Video of the Month at Las Calles.net) and for the official first single “Something Out Of Nothing”. The anti-immigration track “United State” has been an anthem at the last two May Day rallies. “Caliber (Tony G’s G Spot Remix)” has been a street favorite from Caliber’s infamous South Central Mixtape, mixed by Tony G and hosted by West Coast superstar DJ Julio G. Caliber’s music has been heard in Quentin Tarantino Presents: The Protector, FX’s Dirt and Urban Justice.



    • Something Out Of Nothing Featuring Lefty Knuckles
    • Dippin In A Porsche Featuring Lefty knuckles & A.L.T.
    • Enter My City
    • Bouncing In My Lolo Featuring Lefty Knuckles & Redwoodv
    • I Wanna Know Your Name Featuring LaLa & Lefty Knuckles
    • Heater On Me Featuring O Brown, Diamonique, & Lefty Knuckles
    • Good Life Featuring LaLa, Wolf Wangg, & TalkSick
    • M.H. Click Featuring Phase, Lefty Knuckles, Tapisero, & Kayottic
    • Paradox Featuring Caliber, Kayottic, & Lefty Knuckles aka The Suspects
    • Sorrows
    • Still Here
    • I Was Raised In The Hood Featuring Caliber, Kayottic, & Lefty Knuckles aka The Suspects
    • Big Lil Twin
    • United State Featuring LaLa, Lefty Knuckles, Fedee, Lil Sick, Kayottic, Tapisero,

TalkSick, & O Brown

  • Caliber (Tony G G Spot Remix)
  • I Still Believe


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