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Bill Frenzer and Ogden Edsl – I’m Happy Now & More!

"I'm Happy Now"

Track Listing

  1. I’m Happy Now (w/Keith Johnson)
  2. Things Could Be Worse, I Could Be You (w/Keith Johnson)
  3. I Wanna Ride on Shania’s Twain (w/Keith Johnson)
  4. She’s Got A Tongue Like A Kodiak Bear (w/Keith Johnson)
  5. Lesbians On TV
  6. Mad Cow Disease
  7. I’m Your Meatman
  8. Monster In A Monster Movie (w/Bill Carey)
  9. Give It Up Gooney Bird (w/Bill Carey)
  10. The I.V.Song (w/Keith Johnson)
  11. I’m Your Meatman (Live)
  12. Dead Puppies Aren't Much Fun




(Los Angeles) - Omaha's own infamous Ogden Edsl returns to full time action with the upcoming new release "I'm Happy Now" on their long standing label, Oglio Records, distributed by Fontana/Universal. Bill Frenzer re-teams with long time band mate Bill Carey to follow up on their cult favorites "Songs In The Key Of AAAAAAAARG!" and "Mower of Ogden Edsl".

Ogden Edsl eventually became the shortened moniker for the full name, Ogden Edsl Wahalia Blues Ensemble Mondo Bizzario Band, which also featured other Omaha Nebraska radio personalities Otis Twelve (Doug Wesselmann) and Diver Dan (Jim Celer) in the band’s various incarnations throughout the years.

Ogden Edsl's comedy classic "Dead Puppies" can also be heard in the Paramount/Vantage release of "The Goods" starring Jeremy Piven and under the auspices of Will Ferrell's production company. Long time Dr. Demento and Red Peters favorites "Dead Puppies" (co-written by fellow Omaha native Rich Thieman), "Kinko The Clown", "Daddy's Money" and "Only White People Dance Like That" are available now as iPhone ring tones from iTunes and soon to be finally available at all phone carriers.

Check out Bill Frenzer's website at www.billfrenzer.com

Ogden Edsl Featuring Bill Frenzer

"Mower Of Ogden Edsl"

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American national syndicated radio personality Dr. Demento said "Here at long last is the first-ever Ogden Edsl CD with the original Dead Puppies plus the group's other huge Demented hits Kinko The Clown and Daddy's Money, and some new ones that might be Ogden Edsl's best yet, along with long available delights from two decades of inspired musical madness." This is a great comedy record. You have to hear it to believe it!


  1. Daddy's Money
  2. Laughin' Blues
  3. Only White People Dance Like That
  4. Beautiful But Boring
  5. Soap Opera Love
  6. Pinecones
  7. Rap Yodeler
  8. Accidental Love
  9. They Don't Want You At The Wedding
  10. Kinko The Clown
  11. Kinko's Party
  12. You're Looking More Like Edith Piaf Every Day
  13. The Fish People Of Berodenon
  14. Dancing At The Rainbow Ball
  15. Idi Amin Meets Eydie Gorme
  16. My Face Is Covered With Hummingbirds
  17. Ugly
  18. Dead Puppies
  19. The World Is Gone
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Ogden Edsl Featuring Bill Frenzer

"Songs In The Key Of AAAAAAARG!!!"


Monster In A Monster Movie
I Wanna Ride On Shania's Train
She's Got A Tongue Like A Kodiak Bear
Things Could Be Worse, I Could Be You
Lesbians On TV
Mad Cow Disease

Barnes & Barnes

Barnes & Barnes "Amazing Adult Fantasy"

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“Amazing Adult Fantasy” is Bill Mumy's favorite Barnes and Barnes album and we are proud to re-release it for the first time on CD with 8 bonus tracks! Originally released in 1984, it's a unique melding of all styles Barnes-like. There's some great kick ass 80's rock on this album, from the opening track, “Learn to Kiss the Enemy", it was clear Barnes and Barnes wanted to make sure their audience knew there was more to them than "Fish Heads". But fear not novelty music fans, there's plenty of quirky lyrics here that will bring a chuckle to the most hardened brain. This album is full of great songs, unique production and it's even occasionally fun to dance to! Featuring guest appearances by: Steve Perry of Journey, America, Wild Man Fischer, jazz saxophonist George Englund, German artist Annerose Bucklers and even a ghost! Cover by the legendary comic book great, Spider Man co-creator Steve Ditko! Amazing Adult Fantasy is truly an amazing album! Yeah.


Learn To Kiss The Enemy
Don’t You Wanna Go To The Moon
Modern Romantic Point Of View
Nothing Funny
I Don’t Remember Tomorrow
Life Is Safer When You’re Sleeping
Don’t Be Singer
I Want To Live In Your Brain
ZZ Top Beard
Music Doesn’t Matter
The Little Man
Music Spazchow
You Can’t Escape Your Destiny
Bang Bang

Bonus Tracks:

The Quiet Point
Walk My Dog
Life Is Harsh Reality
The Ballad Of Jim Joy
The Little Man (Original Version)
Loch Ness Lady
Oh Me Oh My
The Inevitable Song (Second Version)

Barnes & Barnes "Kodovoner"

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One score and two years ago, brothers Art & Artie Barnes, put forth onto this planet a new album. An album forged in righteousness and purpose. An album created to stir the better qualities that lay dormant within all mankind. Well... that album never came out for one reason or another, UNTIL NOW. That's right! At last, Barnes and Barnes have assembled and made ready for release, their often rumored, never heard, “Kodovoner” album! Inspired by the great Brian Wilson and the completion of his legendary “SmiLE” project, Barnes and Barnes have finally made “Kodovoner” available and it has been worth the wait. (Or not. You decide). Featuring guest appearances by Gerry Beckley & Dewey Bunnell (America), a co-lead vocal by Shaun Cassidy, (Mr. Cassidy has left the building), Jethro Tull drummer Doane Perry and legendary rock percussionist Mike Baird, "Kodovoner" sounds like no other B&B project. This unique, long considered lost album includes a song co-written by Devo's Mark Mothersbaugh. "Kodovoner" has been expanded from it's original 15 songs to now include literally all the tracks they wrote during this period that at one time or another were intended for this long lost bold and friendly Barnes & Barnes album. 24 tracks! 80 minutes of quirky Lumanian rock from Barnes and Barnes. Yeah!


Soak It Up
Before You Leave (Positive Life)
Monkey Life
A Wave For Brian Wilson
Fighting The Demon
So Bold
Superman Will Save The Day
Scary Love
Girl Of My Dreams
I Got A Job
Don’t Fuck Up The World
Suburban Obscurity
Code of Honor

Bonus Tracks:

A Power Play
Positive Life #2
Fox Hole
Lies And Spies
Ripen And Rot
If You Hurt No One
Pay For Your Ticket
Everything You Do
Honorable Mention

Barnes & Barnes "Spazchow"

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Welcome to Spazchow, the second Barnes and Barnes album, originally released on Rhino Records in November, 1981. Spazchow means "to suffer at the hands of women and make music." The vast majority of the songs are bittersweet odes to the women in their lives, past and present, who were consuming their thoughts. Spazchow is a kind of demented diary, a journal into twisted soap opera-like relationships, from past teenage flames on up through pathetic future visions, the songs flow as freely as steaming saki.


I Need You
Spooky Lady on Death Avenue
Fletchy's Revenge
Love Tap
For You
Where's The Water
Pub Pain
Swallow My Love
And Other Things Too (E's Epistle)
Unfinished Business
The Inevitable Song
Heart Ghosts

Barnes & Barnes "Voobaha"

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Fish Heads, Fish Heads, Roly Poly Fish Heads, Fish Heads, Fish Heads, Eat them up - Yum. Need we say more? Available now for the first time on CD is the classic album that brought you the demented hit "Fish Heads," For the latest Barnes & Barnes info check out the link below.


Please Please Me
Boogie Woogie Amputee
Gumby Jaws Lament
De Pumped Out Blues
Clip Clop (Ode To Equus)
I Hope She Dies
Party In My Pants
Fish Heads
Sewey Hole
The Lumanian Love Song
Cemetery Girls
Something's In The Bag
When You Die
The Vomit Song
Boogie Woogie Amuptee (Early Version)
High School Gym
Three Drunk Newts
Cruising Through Westwood
Neanderthal Love
Please Squeeze My Knees Louise
I Love You Baby

Barnes & Barnes "Yeah: The Essential Barnes & Barnes"

FINALLY! The very best of Barnes & Barnes complete with four brand new tracks and some previously unreleased gems.


Kiss Me Where It Stinks
The Public Toilet
Say Hello
Feminine Parts
Fish Heads
Party In My Pants
Boogie Woogie Amputee
E's Epistle
Work The Meat
Fighting The Demon
Don't Up The World
If You Hurt No On
Learn To Kiss The Enemy
The Little Man
Pineapple Princess
Homophobic Dream
Pizza Face
Sit On My Lap And Call Me Daddy
So Bold
Tunnel Walker
What's It Like To Be You
Touch Yourself

Andy Dick – Do Your Shows Always Suck?

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Andy Dick - Do Your Shows Always Suck?

Andy Dick, the Comic Innovator, Actor, Musician and Bad Boy has appeared in numerous movies, TV shows and music videos beginning as a cast member on the cult favorite Ben Stiller Show (and numerous cameos in subsequent Stiller movies), NBC’s “News Radio”, ABC’s “Less Than Perfect” and has helmed his own TV shows with MTV’s “The Andy Dick Show” and “The Assistant”. Andy has appeared in music videos from Jessica Simpson, The Donnas, Everclear, Ash, The Eels and Sheryl Crow.

Recorded live at Cobb’s Comedy Club (San Francisco) and on campus at The Ohio State University, his debut “Do Your Shows Always Suck?” album is a blend of spoken word storytelling and acoustic music material representative of his current comedy live act.

The first few copies sold here on coolcds.com will be autographed!

Track Listing with iTunes Links

1)  Therapy
2)  Squirrels
3)  One Friends
4)  I'm Adopted
5)  Ellen DeGeneres
6)  Poke a Hontas
7)  Beautiful Urinal
8)  Homecoming King
9)  Ni**ers!
10) Water On The Brain
11) C**k & Balls
12) My Mother
13) Cancerous Testical
14) Look At Me
15) Ballad of Andy
16) Punkin’ Lovin’
17) Before AYDS Came Out
18) Good Luck With That
19) Chocolate Martini
20) Little Brown Ring
21) Damn Good Pu**y
22) Do Your Shows Always Suck?
23) Dirty Sanchez-v-Hot Karl
24) Jerkin’ Off A Wombat
25) Trash-Elle
26) Would You Rather?
27) Another Great Day For Drugs
28) Mom, You F**king W**re
29) Where Did I Go Wrong?
30) Dip Your C**k In Vodka
31) My Friend Drank So Much Liquor
32) Leonard's A** Is Bleeding
33) Bartender Friendly
34) Angry Pirate


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Andy Dick & The Bitches of the Century - Download Only

Originally released in 2002 this masterpiece is now out of print on CD. Andy has now reissued it as a download only.

This item is available as a download from the iTunes Music Store. Click on this link and the iTunes application will be launched and you will be able to preview and order the tracks.

Track Listing with iTunes Links

1)  Love Ninja (The Stalker Song)
2)  Hole Burns
3)  Striped Sunlight
4)  Little Brown Ring
5)  Stephen Hawking
6)  Cock & Balls
7)  Secret Garden
8)  I'll Fuck Anything That Moves
9)  30 Days 30 Nights
10) Little Brown Ring (Remix)

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