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Red Peters – It’s A Red Peters Christmas


Track Listing

Holy Shit, It’s Christmas! - Red Peters

It’s Christmas, And You’re Sucking On My Balls - The Beaver Boys

Santa’s Gonna Kick Your Ass - The Arrogant Worms

Merry Fucking Christmas - Those Dreaded Gnats

Silent Butt Deadly Night - Jingle Smells Pull My Finger

Sno’ Balls - Rudy Casoni

Great Big Xmas Balls - Q

Santa Santa - Jackie West (with Billy West)

Naughty Or Nice - Francine The Queen of Obscene

She Gave Me Blue Balls For Christmas - Lil’ Mikey Roohan

Merry Christmas From The Taggarts - The Billionaires Club

I’ve Got A Boner For Christmas - Nerf Herder

A Christmas Warning - El Privates

Herpes Infected Christmas Elf - Pooch

Gangsta Rap Christmas - No Talent

Gimme Stuff - Rappy McRapperson

Santa Claus Has Got The AIDS This Year - Tiny Tim

You Ain’t Getting Shit For Christmas! - Red Peters

It's A Red Peters Christmas! Commercial


It’s A Red Peters Christmas with a new Holiday radio show

and a companion audio release featuring 18 of the most original,

diverse and uncensored Holiday songs you’ll hear this season!

(Los Angeles) - Red Peters will be ringing in the Holidays on his Red Peters Comedy Music Hour radio show as heard on the Sirius XM channel Howard 101 with his annual It’s A Red Peters Christmas! Holiday show. There is the brand new audio companion to the radio show, a new Red Peters Presents compilation featuring 18 hand-picked tunes sure to satisfy any Holiday mood. It’s A Red Peters Christmas!, the music compilation, available now from Oglio Records, a Fontana/Universal distributed label. In addition to several songs being available for the first time commercially, this project features a previously unreleased track from the cult icon Tiny Tim.

As a collector, writer and producer of holiday songs, Red realized, perhaps more than anyone, that Christmas means different things to different people. It’s A Red Peters Christmas! showcases some of the most original, diverse, funny and tragic, uncut and uncensored Christmas songs you’ll ever hear. “All I can say is, this is some pretty raw stuff. It’s definitely not your Burl Ives Christmas, or for the tame of heart.” explains Peters. “But, the songs are remarkably original, heartfelt and at times pretty funny. I’ve collected a lot of really outrageous holiday songs over the years. It’s always a challenge to fit in all my favorites”.

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