Arrogant Worms – Gift Wrapped: The Best Of The Arrogant Worms

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The Arrogant Worms are Canada's best known musical comedy act. This "best of" collection, pulled from seven of their previous releases, represents a cross section of their zany wit, original material and their amazingly exuberant energy.

AllMusicGuide.com album review by Heather Phares

Gift Wrapped: The Best of the Arrogant Worms celebrates a decade's worth of work from Canada's comedy-folk trio and introduces their work to the United States. The album gathers the highlights from their seven Canadian albums, which skewer pop music ("Celine Dion," "Boy Band"), religion ("Jesus' Brother Bob"), and cultural trends ("A Man Has Needs," "Carrot Juice Is Murder," and "Idiot Road"). Other highlights include "Big Fat Road Manager," "Me Like Hockey," and "Rippy the Gator." Live versions of songs like "Malcolm" and the previously unreleased "Dog Named Bob" and "Song Inside My Head" also make this collection worthwhile for Worms fans who already have all of their albums.

Gift Wrapped: The Best of the Arrogant Worms

Track Listing:

  • A Man Has Needs
  • Jesus' Brother Bob
  • Boy Band
  • Malcolm
  • Big Fat Road Manager
  • Carrot Juice Is Murder
  • The Happy Happy Birthday Song
  • Me Like Hockey
  • Idiot Road
  • Christmas Is Almost Here
  • Log In To You
  • I Am Cow
  • Celine Dion
  • Let There Be Guns
  • Rippy The Gator
  • Santa's Gonna Kick your Ass
  • Dog Named Bob (bonus track)
  • Song Inside My Head (bonus track)




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