Andy Dick – Do Your Shows Always Suck?

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Andy Dick - Do Your Shows Always Suck?

Andy Dick, the Comic Innovator, Actor, Musician and Bad Boy has appeared in numerous movies, TV shows and music videos beginning as a cast member on the cult favorite Ben Stiller Show (and numerous cameos in subsequent Stiller movies), NBC’s “News Radio”, ABC’s “Less Than Perfect” and has helmed his own TV shows with MTV’s “The Andy Dick Show” and “The Assistant”. Andy has appeared in music videos from Jessica Simpson, The Donnas, Everclear, Ash, The Eels and Sheryl Crow.

Recorded live at Cobb’s Comedy Club (San Francisco) and on campus at The Ohio State University, his debut “Do Your Shows Always Suck?” album is a blend of spoken word storytelling and acoustic music material representative of his current comedy live act.

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Track Listing with iTunes Links

1)  Therapy
2)  Squirrels
3)  One Friends
4)  I'm Adopted
5)  Ellen DeGeneres
6)  Poke a Hontas
7)  Beautiful Urinal
8)  Homecoming King
9)  Ni**ers!
10) Water On The Brain
11) C**k & Balls
12) My Mother
13) Cancerous Testical
14) Look At Me
15) Ballad of Andy
16) Punkin’ Lovin’
17) Before AYDS Came Out
18) Good Luck With That
19) Chocolate Martini
20) Little Brown Ring
21) Damn Good Pu**y
22) Do Your Shows Always Suck?
23) Dirty Sanchez-v-Hot Karl
24) Jerkin’ Off A Wombat
25) Trash-Elle
26) Would You Rather?
27) Another Great Day For Drugs
28) Mom, You F**king W**re
29) Where Did I Go Wrong?
30) Dip Your C**k In Vodka
31) My Friend Drank So Much Liquor
32) Leonard's A** Is Bleeding
33) Bartender Friendly
34) Angry Pirate


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Andy Dick & The Bitches of the Century - Download Only

Originally released in 2002 this masterpiece is now out of print on CD. Andy has now reissued it as a download only.

This item is available as a download from the iTunes Music Store. Click on this link and the iTunes application will be launched and you will be able to preview and order the tracks.

Track Listing with iTunes Links

1)  Love Ninja (The Stalker Song)
2)  Hole Burns
3)  Striped Sunlight
4)  Little Brown Ring
5)  Stephen Hawking
6)  Cock & Balls
7)  Secret Garden
8)  I'll Fuck Anything That Moves
9)  30 Days 30 Nights
10) Little Brown Ring (Remix)

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