American Dog – Red White Black and Blue

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American Dog - Red White Black and Blue

Okay, here it is (finally), The new American Dog CD, sorry about the wait but after our guitarist Steve got run over by a car in January, we had a couple of months down, I guess two shattered knees, a cracked pelvic bone, a broken ankle, a broken leg, one cracked rib, and a concussion is enouh to knock anybody's dick in the dirt, but as soon as he healed up a little we went into the studio to record the bastard? It's the "real" thing of course there's no click tracks or drum machines hell we didn't even wear headphones most of the time! We're pretty damn proud of this slab o' rock even with one guy in the wheelchair it still kicks like a mule! - Michael Hannon


  1. Shitkicker
  2. Train
  3. Can't Throw Stones
  4. Dog Will Hunt
  5. Glad It's Over
  6. Blame It On The Booze
  7. Motors Down
  8. Swallow My Pride
  9. Can't Stop The Rain
  10. I Keep drinking (You're Still Ugly)
  11. Here Me Howlin'
  12. Bullshit (Goddammit)
  13. Bonus Tracks
  14. D-N-F
  15. Wang Dang Sweet Poontang*
  16. Rock-N-Roll


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