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Rondo Brothers – Foreign Globester Vinyl LP


Special three vinyl bundle, only available here

Contains the full album wax for The Foreign Globester and two rare 12 inches

Limited Quantities! $45.00 Plus Shipping

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The Foreign Globester

1. A Quiet Room
2. The Foreign Globester
3. Tumbling Down
4. Bohemian Grove
5. Roketship Flossin
6. You Got It. I Want It.
7. Last Nite Ruled
8. Legend Has It
9. TipToe

10. Bigfoot

11. Bikini Body

12. Cult Leader

“Until We All Fall Down”
A1. Until We All Fall Down – Cubismo Grafico Pea Coat mix
A2. Until We All Fall Down – Original Version

B1. Crazed – Collete Remix
B2. Crazed – Original Version

“Aquarium Dreams”

(rare – unsealed, white sleeve, white vinyl)
Featuring Dirty Little Pedro and Samantha Stollenwerck
A1. Aquarium Dreams – Original Version
A2. Aquarium Dreams – Automator Remix

B1. Aquarium Dreams – Original Instrumental
B2. Aquarium Dreams – Automator Remix Instrumental

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Rondo Brothers – The Foreign Globester

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