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Jackie Martling – Ringtones




The Joke Man Oh Oh

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The Joke Man Short Laughs

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The Joke Man Long Laughs

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The Joke Man Noises

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The Joke Man Laughs One

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The Joke Man Laughs Two

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The Joke Man Laughs Three

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The Joke Man Laughs Four

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  • March 28, 2011
  • By Mr Oglio
  • Comments Off on Rob Schneider – Registered Offender
  • in Comedy, News, Oglio Comedy

Rob Schneider – Registered Offender

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The Brand New Comedy Album!

Track Listing

1. What I Want


2. Iraq Love


3. Yoko and Julian


4. She’s Gonna Come


5. Swain The Legend


6. Virtual Kidnappers


7. Car Wash


8. The Perfect Shit


9. Agent For Porn Stars


10. Sex Offenders


11. The Liar Corp


12. Welcome To The Jungle


13. Sea Of Jizz


14. Mom and Dad Party


15. Graduation Speech


16. Bonus Outro

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Kurt Baker – Got It Covered / Don’t Steal My Heart Away

“Don’t Steal My Heart Away”

"I had originally penned this tune for a group I briefly moonlighted with called The Goodnight Process in the spring of 2010. The band had been a local staple on the Portland, ME music scene playing pop/rock that was very influenced by groups like Rooney and Sondre Lerche, but when I joined the group we took a more straight ahead 70’s power pop approach, trying to draw heavily on groups like the Knack and Electric Light Orchestra.

“Don’t Steal My Heart Away” could have been a The Leftovers tune, but playing it with a whole set of musicians in the Goodnight Process really shaped how the song would eventually turn out. I dug this tune so much, and the audience reception to it was always great whenever we played it live, so after my stay in The Goodnight Process, this was one of the first tunes I wanted to record for my upcoming solo album of all original material.

This track features some excellent synth and back up vocal work from Kris “Fingers” Rodgers, and a killer lead guitar solo that channels The Shirelles “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow”, thanks to guitar monster Miek Rodrigue."  - Kurt Baker, Portland Maine

"Don't Steal My Heart Away"

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"Don't Steal My Heart Away"

+ Instrumental

Buy It Now"Don't Steal My Heart Away" + Instrumental For Sound Lovers: Apple Lossless Files  
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"Don't Steal My Heart Away" + "Hanging On The Telephone" 45 Vinyl

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Kurt Baker From The Leftovers Embarks On Solo Career

Debuts First Single, “Don’t Steal My Heart Away”

Los Angeles Portland Maine’s Kurt Baker from The Leftovers embarks on a new solo career with his first original material since the release of his group’s Crappy Records</a>/Oglio debut, “Eager To Please". Kurt’s new track “Don’t Steal My Heart Away” is available now at all digital retailers as well as special fans only versions at his Facebook and WordPress pages. This is the first single from his upcoming solo album of all new material, due later in 2011 on Crappy Records/Oglio Record, a Fontana/Universal distributed label.

“‘Don’t Steal My Heart Away’ could have been a The Leftovers tune, but playing it with a whole set of musicians in the Goodnight Process, a band I briefly moonlighted with in the Spring of 2010, really shaped how the song would eventually turn out. I dug this tune so much, and the audience reception to it was always great whenever we played it live, I knew this was one of the first tunes I wanted to record for my upcoming solo album.” – Kurt Baker, Portland Maine

The new single was produced by Jonathan Wyman (also produced The Leftovers first ever release) at Portland’s legendary The Halo studio and features Geoff Useless, Craig Sala, Kris “Fingers” Rodgers, Josh Malia and a killer lead guitar solo that channels The Shirelles “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow”, thanks to guitar monster Miek Rodrigue.

“Don’t Steal My Heart Away” is the follow up release to Kurt’s cover of The Nerves “Hanging On The Telephone” from his Got It Covered EP, a side venture in fun 80’s power pop influences. “Hanging On The Telephone” is available as a seven inch vinyl 45. Catch the new Kurt Baker Band at the Paul Collins presents Power-Pop-A-Licious Fest at Asbury Lanes, Asbury Park NY beginning on April 30, 2011.

Artist: kurtbaker.tumblr.com

Facebook: facebook.com/kurtbakermusic

MySpace: myspace.com/kurtbakermusic

Twitter: twitter.com/kurtmiltonbaker

YouTube: youtube.com/kurtbakermusic

"Don’t Steal My Heart Away"
It started out like nothing new, it’s still the same old story
I saw her dancing at the show, she looked my way and suddenly
I got the feeling, hits me every time
One more one night stand, where do I draw the line?
(Hey now baby) You’ve got A lot to Learn
(About some loving) But since it is your turn
(So don’t misuse it) Don’t steal my heart away
She said she’s like to know me more, but I know all about her
She’ll have her way til she gets bored, I’m through with this encounter
No more guessing and hide your disguise
You’ll be on to the next one before it’s goodbye
(Hey now baby) You’ve got A lot to Learn
(About some loving) But since it is your turn
(So don’t misuse it) Don’t steal my heart away
Tell me - tell me what your doing, I can’t stop from losing
It’s a shame they call it love
So i’m through, being your affection, if you just want attention
And i’m not giving it up
No more guessing and hide your disguise
You’ll be on to the next one before it’s goodbye
(Hey now baby) You’ve got A lot to Learn
(About some loving) But since it is your turn
(So take it easy) Don’t steal my heart away

J Chris Newberg – Best of: Join The Chris Army


All of the genius that is J Chris Newberg is collected up on one CD with "Join The Chris Army: the Best of J Chris Newberg". J Chris is a YouTube sensation with his video hit "Drunk Girl" and his new video collaboration with Dane Cook.

Track Listing:

1. Drunk Girl
true story, this song is actually about me and how i act when drunk

2. White Trash Girlfriend
gives you an opportunity to love sluts and trashy girls on more than just halloween

3. Morning Wood
is about waking up with a boner and rocking it hard. wait. what?

4. Perfect
is a true story about when you date someone who is awful and everyone knows it but you

5. Expensive
i was at a bar with a buddy and i said look at that girl, she's beautiful and he said, and expensive. went home wrote it right away

6. Bad Idea
is my attempt at a stadium sing along

7. Shut Up
is about how people talk about things and never do them

8. The Perfect Girl
a girl actually said that to me

9. Ultimate Break Up Song
every time i break up with a girl, i just want my stuff

10. History Of The Phone #
listen to this after you get a girls number. the end

11. Sugarland
i wrote this after watching willie wonka and the chocolate factory. it's my second favorite song that i have written

12. Valentines Day Sucks
it needed a song


J. Chris Newberg's refreshingly smart and edgy humor, delivered with a streetwise sense of philosophic cool, has propelled the guitarist/songwriter-cum-comedian to the forefront of the National comedy scene. While critics have been singing his praises in the press, audience members are offering true testimonial to Newberg's talent, roaring with laughter and clamoring for more of this hip and authentic new personality. Newberg's standup comedy cleverly combines his hilarious and off-beat observations on life with original, acoustic guitar songs and infectious melodies. Picture Bob Dylan and his six-string with Dennis Miller's incisive, cerebral wit. Well, not quite Dennis Miller, but definitely the occasional big word. Got it? Good, now you can begin to glimpse the unique, side-splitting talent that is J. Chris Newberg.

Newberg has spent much of adult life on the road. Whether it was performing in a bar just shy of capacity (See: Empty) or to his eventual gathering and collecting members of The Chris Army, his loyal fans. This initially began while he was touring and performing with the likes of the Counting Crows, Oasis, and John Mellencamp, but has since grown much larger through his undeniable Viral Video following. With his friends at comedy.com, J Chris has written and produced several short humorous videos that have received well over 7 million views.

See for yourself. Just go to Youtube.com/jchrisnewberg, Break.com, Funnyordie.com, collegehumor.com, myspace.com/jchrisnewberg, jchrisnewberg.com or comedy.com and search his name. Make sure that you have some time, because there is a lot of stuff on there.
Newberg has been seen on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Comedy Central, Last Comic Standing, The Tonight Show, The History Channel, Fox Sports and countless national commercials and voice over spots.

Check your local listings because if he's not in your town this week, I am sure it's only a matter of time before he will be. He is a graduate of the Second City and alumni of the famed Motor City Improv. He is a Pisces and a firm believer that everything is a word that can usually describe most things. Other words he uses at will: Stuff, Planet, Evolution, Frost, Shoulders, Poison, Rafting, and the list goes on and on.

A biography is supposed to give you a glimpse of what J Chris Newberg is all about. Well, I have just told you, so why don't you make a little effort to laugh on your own at him. Get to the internet and see what everyone is talking about. If you don't have a computer, than get to satellite radio Sirius or XM, it won't look the same, but you will still hear the funny. If you don't know what computers or cable radio are, well then I have a really cool sponge to sell you.

Welcome to the New Home of Oglio Entertainment



Oglio.com, the online home of The Oglio Entertainment Group, Inc. relaunched today as a new WordPress site. The new site brings together Oglio's family of record labels: Oglio Records, Oglio Comedy, Oglio Kids, Glue Factory Records, DMAFT Records and the joint venture label Crappy Records. In addition to Oglio's labels, the site will eventually be the home of Oglio's publishing companies: Oglio Music (ASCAP) and Oilgo Music (BMI).

Oglio Entertainment is a eighteen year old independent label based in Torrance, California, consisting of the imprints: Oglio Records (Rock, Reissues), Oglio Comedy (Stand Up and Musical Comedy) Glue Factory Records (Alternative Rock) and DMAFT Records (Rap & Hip-Hop). Our growth has been significant enough to earn Oglio a position on Inc. Magazine's 1998 listing of the 500 fastest growing companies in America.  Oglio was started in a spare bedroom in 1993 by music fanatic Carl Caprioglio. Under Mr. Caprioglio's watch, Oglio has achieved national recognition as a successful niche marketer of audio products. Oglio releases have received national attention and significant sales success including a Billboard Top 50 hit benefiting the Make A Wish Foundation, and projects with Brian Wilson, Cyndi Lauper, Nerf Herder, Parry Gripp, Rob Schneider, Jackie Martling, Andy Dick & George Lopez.

Oglio has established licensing relationships with most of the major labels including Sony/BMG, EMI-Capitol, Warner Music, and Universal. In addition to traditional music markets, Oglio has cultivated licensing relationships with The Coca-Cola Corporation and Hallmark Inc. for music products. Oglio has an excellent reputation and is well known for producing high quality packages. We bring our substantial experience to every new project.

Marketing and promotion are handled in-house by Oglio's staff. Independent contractors are retained for retail promotion, radio promotion and publicity campaigns. Distribution in the USA and Canada is provided by Fontana (A Division of Universal Music). Oglio has worldwide export relationships for physical products and worldwide deals with INgrooves reaching over 100 digital outlets for downloads, ring tones and new digital media. Oglio has the distribution reach of a major label with the attitude and focus of an independent label. With ambitious plans for new projects, Oglio is poised for continued growth and future success.

Kurt Baker – Hanging On The Telephone

Side A: "Hanging on The Telephone

Side B: "Pump It Up"

Hanging On The Telephone

Many people know this song as recorded by the beautiful Debbie Harry and Blondie, but in fact the original was written by Jack Lee, who played in the legendary LA punk/pop group The Nerves. Along with Lee, the other members included Paul Collins and Peter Case. Both members would go on to front bands like The (Paul Collins) Beat and The Plimsouls, both staples in late 70's Power Pop.

My version stays pretty true to the original, but it also reminds me of a great Swedish rock n' roll band called the Hellacopters. I saw them once in Boston and it totally blew my mind.. actually, they were probably the greatest band I've ever seen live. Speaking of Boston, Kay Hanley from the legendary Boston group Letters to Cleo (and in the new Oglio group, Palmdale ...editors note), sang back ups on this! She is awesome!

The intro sound clip is taken from Linus's voice mail on his phone. He's got a fancy phone... my phone doesn't even have a voicemail option, it's that old!

"Hanging On The Telephone"

The Making of "Hanging On The Telephone"



“Kurt Baker is an amalgamation of all my favorite things. He’s got a biting vocal swagger (reminiscent of Elvis Costello and Joe Jackson), a comprehensive knowledge of classic pop music, a lovable Joey Ramone-esque personality and the songwriting chops of a man twice his age. I’m continuously excited by his creativity, positivity and prolificness.”

- Linus of Hollywood

"Kurt Baker is interesting. He is lovable like a puppy dog, goofy in that Jeff Spicoli kinda way, and well endowed in his knowledge of music that happened years before his birth. This man devotes as much time to the crafting of nachos, as he does to sleeping. Add this to the fact that his voice and stage presence are as unmistakeable as a punch to the nuts, and you have Kurt Baker. The Man. The Character. The whole Shit-n-shabootle!"

- Jaret Reddick (Bowling For Soup)

You may also dig Kurt's group!


Track Listing

  1. Let Me Out
  2. Hanging On The Telephone
  3. Pump It Up
  4. I’ve Done Everything For You
  5. Is She Really Going Out With Him
  6. Cruel To Be Kind
  7. Turning Japanese

Kurt Baker

Go here for > Got It Covered

Go here for > Hanging On The Telephone 45 vinyl

Go here for > Don't Steal My Heart Away


Go here for > The Leftovers Eager To Please

Go here for > The Leftovers Telephone Operator EP


Let Me Out
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Hanging On The Telephone
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Pump It Up
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I’ve Done Everything For You
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Cruel To Be Kind
Purchase Ring Tone

Turning Japanese
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Dance With Me
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Get To Know You
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Telephone Operator
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Thinking About Her
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Linus Of Hollywood – Let Yourself Be Happy


"Let Yourself Be Happy" is the much anticipated follow-up to Linus of Hollywood's debut CD "Your Favorite Record" which attracted international attention and critical acclaim. Full of magical melodies, dense harmonies, and intricated arrangements, this new CD contains 11 tracks of 60's influenced pop including 2 somewhat unusual (for this genre) cover songs: Ozzy Osbourne's "Goodbye To Romance" and the influential punk band Smoking Popes "Need You Around" both done in Linus' unique colorful style.


  1. Building A Ship
  2. Goodbye To Romance
  3. To Be A Girl
  4. A Whole New Country
  5. Why Don't We...
  6. The Girl I'll Never Have
  7. Where Are You?
  8. Thank You For Making Me Feel...Better
  9. Need You Around
  10. Every Day I Fall In Love Again
  11. I've Lost My Mind

Excerpt from AllMusic.com review by Stanton Swihart

He is without a doubt an artist of nearly unrivaled (Brian Wilson might have something to say about that) and unabashed romantic yearning, which is nowhere more evident than on an almost unrecognizable cover of Ozzy Osborne's "Goodbye to Romance." This time around Linus traded in some of the overt '60s sunshine pop predilections for '70s soft rock ones. The crisp sheen of the era's AM radio pop hovers over the album like L.A. smog. "I've Lost My Mind" breaks into a full-bloom Fleetwood Mac chorus that would probably fool even the members of the band into believing that they had recorded the song back in their hazy Laurel Canyon days...

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 14

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