20/20 – Four Day Tornado – Interstate – LookOut!

20/20 - 20/20 & Look Out! 2 for 1

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20/20 was formed in 1977. After moving to Los Angeles to be a part of the new wave scene they were signed to Epic Records. Their first release, 20/20, received massive amounts of airplay for the single "Yellow Pills." This release contains the bands first two records and defines power pop as a genre.


The Sky Is Falling
Yellow Pills Cheri
Out Of This Time
Tell Me Why (Can't Understand You)
Tonight We Fly
Remember The Lightning
She's An Obsession
Leaving Your World Behind
Backyard Guys
Jet Lag
Action Now
Nuclear Boy
Out Of My Head
Strange Side Of Love
A Girl Like You
Life In The U.S.A.
The Night I Heard A Scream
Beat City
Mobile Unit 245
American Dream

20/20 "Interstate"

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When you hear Matchbox 20, Matthew Sweet, The Posies and Fastball, it becomes perfectly clear that the legacy of 20/20,the founding fathers of power pop is alive. The brand new album is eleven tracks of powerfully artistic music.


Land Of The Free
Trip In Hollywood
Picasso's Big Blue Heart
Do You Feel
Cool White Laura
I Never Did No Hitler
Best Thing In The World
New Thing
So Many Reasons

20/20 "Four Day Tornado"

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4 Day Tornado has the enthusiasm and energy of the '80s with a contemporary sound.


Song Of The Universe
Stone Cold Love
Nothin' At All
My Tuesday
State Of Grace
Watchin' The Headlights Burn
Solid Ground
For All Our Time
It Goes On
Well, Frankly…

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